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Nvidia GeForce rtx 2060 graphics card - £329 @ Nvidia
Found 31st JanFound 31st Jan
Hello. Nvidia rtx 2060 is back in stock. I got one and this is good value for money
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Have you seen the power consumption and the heat it kicks out? That's what is putting me off...


People always tend to buy bigger PSUs than they actually need anyway. How many people do you see with a GTX 1080 class GPU but only a 450-500w PSU? cause I don't see many, although that's all is required. Also you can undervolt the Vega card if you want, to reach similar stock power consumpton to a pascal card without losing performance. If you can assemble a PC or install a GPU, then you can move a slider in Wattman. I have a Ryzen 1700X @ 4ghz and a Vega 56 @ ~1600Mhz and I barely scrape 350w usage using a kill-a-watt under gaming load. I can bring that down to 250w under load if my CPU is stock, and my Vega is undervolted further at stock clocks.


Reference cards or not, they still draw significantly more power relative to their Nvidia counterparts, and many must therefore rely on higher capacity PSUs.


No you dont, was only an issue with reference cards, most AIB cards wont overheat and running hot isn't an actual problem


Not going to make any difference tbh. Mid range cards can only expect about 24 months lifespan realistically anyway, which will be about the right time to upgrade when the RTX tech has advanced some. I bought the 2060 and am fully aware that this card will last me approximately 24 months. £150 a year for gaming at 144hz 1440p for the next 2 years sounds good to me and is about in line with the more expensive cards in terms of price vs lifespan. Edit: It may prove a problem for the 2070 and 2080 range of cards though, my comments above are aimed specifically at the RTX2060 as that is by far the best value for money.

Nvidia RTX 2060 6Gb GDDR6, GTX 1070ti - 1080 performance £329 @ Nvidia With Free Anthem or Battlefield V Download Code BACK IN STOCK
Refreshed 16th JanRefreshed 16th Jan
Definitely a heads up and not a deal but for those who don't know the card is coming then here it is. I know all the RTX cards have been overpriced and underperforming but this car… Read more
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The 2070 has the least value of the RTX range for sure.


Hmm. Not a huge difference between the 2060 and 2070 according to the testing. Certainly not worth the extra money for me given that vram isn't the issue people were making it out to be.


Finally got mine :)


I think it's a good card for a casual gamer at 1440p. I personally use my PC for work about 90% of the time then play games occasionally. My monitor is 60hz geared towards office/photo work so I don't need a 120fps 1440p capable card. At 329 and a free game it seems to offer an excellent all round package. The FE card is quiet and small which is ideal for my ITX case. Alternative is a Vega 56 which is a power hungry card and in most games doesn't keep up with the 2060. The VRAM isn't an issue, it beats many 8GB cards.


Play a number of games for free on PC, MAC or Shield TV via GeForce Now Beta (currently free) - guaranteed access for Shield TV owners
Found 16th Dec 2018Found 16th Dec 2018
Ok so these games are streamed via Nvidia’s servers rather than you downloading and running the game on your machine. Upshot is your machine doesn’t need to be an absolute beast th… Read more

Just don't get banned and you only need the one :p


Again you got your facts wrong. Maybe I have 2 accounts ;)


Yes, it was corrected when it was realised that it was in error. As you say, FA76 can't be played without first purchasing it on the PC. There are still plenty of games to play for free or you stream your existing collection to a lesser powered machine such as the Shield etc. So the current statement above is correct since FA76 was edited out. Remind me I owe you an hour of your time. I tell you what, how about you post that first deal (and give something back for once) and I'll spend an hour chasing that? ;)


Actually I spent an hour installing GeForce now and setting up accounts for GN and fallout and then testing and searching everywhere in GeForce Now to try find this offer. To find the OP was BS. Check your facts before making threads here simple. For those that don't know the OP said something like "Play Fallout 76 for free on GeForce Now" it has been changed now.


You say games have been fee on the Shield but your title includes “free on PC, Mac” which seems a bit misleading to me. There are free to play games but they are free to play with or without GFN. In terms of pricing I think it is more than speculation, but I may be wrong. However as Nvidia’s shares nosedived last week maybe they will actually review their business strategies and pricing ...... just maybe.

Nvidia Shield TV up to £30 off
Found 15th Dec 2018Found 15th Dec 2018
Ok i know there have been a few posts for this deal at various sites over the past few days but this is just to let people know that this deal is being promoted by Shield themselve… Read more
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no they are promoting a £30 off at various retailers quoted but as you say the prices have been see-sawing for a few days now (Currys with steam card Etc)


Do you have to claim the £30 off from Nvidia? The price is see-sawing every day so not sure if the money off is in the seller's prices or not? Can't see any claim info on Nvidia's site?


Haha nah dude I'm pretty sure its Jack from Lost


Aye, I already have a DS4 so no need for the bundled controller. Is that you in your profile pic? No homo.


I think there is, just not enough to charge what other people think they're worth. I'd much prefer an Xbox One controller to another Shield controller and they're usually cheaper.

Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 now available to purchase on the official UK Nvidia site - £749
Found 18th Oct 2018Found 18th Oct 2018
Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 now available to purchase on the official UK Nvidia site - £749
The GeForce RTX™ 2080 is powered by the all-new NVIDIA Turing™ architecture to give you incredible new levels of gaming realism, speed, power efficiency, and immersion. This is gra… Read more

Thanks for clarification....


A year or two? Double that easy.


I presume RTX is proprietary and Nvidia won’t let AMD use it, just like hair works, in order to Gimp AMD.


been reading about nvidia releasing 7nm middle next year, amd begining of the year, so why are nvidia releasing rtx cards now :/


Personally, I think NVidia is keeping the RTX GPUs price high so the GTX 10XX series looks cheap in comparison, so they can shift these old stocks. For now, if you want high performance GPU for gaming, you only have NVidia. I have picked up a RX580 for a third of this price, less fps, but perfectly playable (60fps) on Forza 4 with ultra settings. If I really want more fps, I can easily get another for CrossFire and still save enough for a 3rd :).

Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti now available to purchase on the official UK Nvidia site - £1099
Found 18th Oct 2018Found 18th Oct 2018
Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti now available to purchase on the official UK Nvidia site - £1099
Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti now available to purchase on the official UK Nvidia site. NVIDIA’s newest flagship graphics card is a revolution in gaming realism and performance. Its … Read more

Not a deal, this is RRP.


Personal preference I guess. But you will have enjoyed “ultra” settings in games from 2-3 years ago which will be the equivalent of “very good” now. I’m arguing against improvement which I don’t want to do, but a good game from a few years ago with decent graphics is a good game now with relatively slightly lower graphics


I know right?? Oh well, guess I have to stick with 2


I think it makes a huge difference personally. If I had never seen ultra then yes but I have so everything else is ruined now. That's why console looks like poo to me.


I have a PC. I run on ultra, I just don’t think it’s that big a deal when playing games. Screenshots look great, the diff between very high and ultra isn’t usually that much. What I was saying is that if it wasn’t there you wouldn’t miss it.

NVIDIA SHIELD TV Back to Uni deal - from £144 @ Nvidia
Found 10th Sep 2018Found 10th Sep 2018
NVIDIA SHIELD TV Back to Uni deal - from £144 @ Nvidia
With students returning soon to university, NVIDIA has launched a special promotion on its SHIELD TV streamer. SHIELD TV makes it easier than ever to ‘cut the cord’ and avoid pa… Read more
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This comment made me buy a shield


The distinctions are quite relevant....The free is loaded with add and bloatware the Pro is not. If you are at all concerned with using ES pro ..David? then just use X-plore which is another excellent file explorer. Before you do anything thou...I would definatly do a factory reset ..as I bet that may well solve your issues. Best Regards,


Ok thanks for the tip. I must have used es pro for the last 4 year's or so on my devices with no noticeable issues. Its always been the best looking and user friendly imo. Must just be problems with the shield then :/


I've not seen a distinction made in the reports on Nvidia forums so possibly. Not worth the risk, there's plenty of free/cheap alternatives


Even the pro version?

Nvidia RTX 2080TI - Pre Order now Live £1099.99
Found 20th Aug 2018Found 20th Aug 2018
Nvidia RTX 2080TI - Pre Order now Live £1099.99
£1,099.99nvidia Deals
NVIDIA’s newest flagship graphics card is a revolution in gaming realism and performance. Its powerful NVIDIA Turing™ GPU architecture , breakthrough technologies, and 11 GB of ne… Read more
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https://www.extremetech.com/computing/275859-dont-buy-the-ray-traced-hype-around-nvidias-rtx-2080-family Makes a good point.


I hope that sales will drop. Ppl should vote with their wallets. This pricing is insane ese.


Pay £1000+ for a few shines in the game is just not acceptable, it supposed to be designed before!!! I love nvidia cards but with the new shit-rtx I am step away, to pay that amount for almost not visible notice is just ridiculous. I think nvidia taking a right piss--off on customers


They go to f... t... s.... I know mate I would never pay that money for a such a crap feature

Found 12th Aug 2018Found 12th Aug 2018
About GeForce NOW https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.cnet.com/google-amp/news/things-you-need-to-know-about-geforce-now-nvidia/ AAA Windows PC Games You provide your own ga… Read more
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Great :D


I've only recently upgraded to fibre so for me 36 mb was a big increase but I'm often reading about the amazing 100 mb+ speeds others on this forum get on virgin etc! Seems to be working fine though I often get pop up warnings about the connection in the top corner - it never affects the connection or gameplay though. I'm very impressed!


Good to know, exactly what I was looking for. A 36Mb connection was/is always going to be good enough - from the requirements: "GeForce NOW requires at least 15 Mbps for 720p at 60fps and 25 Mbps for 1080p at 60fps. You’ll need to use a hardwired Ethernet connection or 5GHz wireless router."


Have been using this for a few weeks on my recently bought Shield. Have only been playing the "free on shield" PS3 era games like Arkham Origins, SF4 Spec Ops The Line etc but I'm really impressed how generally smooth and seamless it all is... even on my 36mb connection! Hope the free beta lasts for a few more months at least!! :D


Anyone have a spare code? Thanks

Nvidia giving away free SSDs with select GPUs
Found 25th Jul 2018Found 25th Jul 2018
Nvidia giving away free SSDs with select GPUs
£149.99nvidia Deals
150tis and 1060s sold direct from Nvidia with free ssds

Having to give em away as nobody wants the 10 series at the current prices. Can’t blame em. Over 2 years old and barely any real depreciation put on them from when they came out.




Don't feed the trolls


That back log of the 10 series cards Nvidia are really trying to shift them


£10 for what? A GTX 1060/70/80? You cant even buy a used GTX 560 for £10

GeForce GTX 1080ti FE £669 @ Nvidia
Found 5th Jul 2018Found 5th Jul 2018
GeForce GTX 1080ti FE £669 @ Nvidia
Available - in stock, and price has dropped from £679 to £669, with free shipping. Lots of people complain about FE cards running hotter - I have 4 on my rig, no complaints at al… Read more
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So many simpletons .... new cards are still months away and the performance jump will be minimal haha . Great deal have some heat , I cannot see a better deal for the FE card nowhere .


prices are getting stupid now.


30 000 1080Ti is returned to NVidia as excess stock and that's just one Taiwanese distributor, rumours of 1180 launch within a month. New product not just doing the same old but real world new features such as ray tracing and Virtual graphics at realistic rates and pixel counts. If this was just the usual upgrade then you would have a great deal on an end of life product, but now is the time to save the pennies not spend them, because the 1180 upgrade is massive !


The 110%ers are probably more so anyone outside UK. Power costs here are more prohibitive. Though I agree, mining cards when the market floods will be a bit hit or miss but will be a sound punt.


My mining cards are looked after well, as are yours I see. Just simply ensure it's a well established seller with just 1 card for sale, including their history. Unlikely to be a mining card then. 669 is just too much given next gen is due soon given stuff like below... https://wccftech.com/nvidia-geforce-11-series-geforce-gtx-1180-graphics-card-lenovo-spills/ https://wccftech.com/nvidia-million-next-gen-geforce-gaming-gpus/

nvidia shield sumer game sale
Found 5th Jul 2018Found 5th Jul 2018
nvidia shield sumer game sale
Splash into savings with the SHIELD game sale! Expand your NVIDIA® SHIELD™ game library for the summer vacation with select Android™ titles at up to 60% off for a limited time. Gat… Read more

Using a 240gb SanDisk Extreme Pro SSD (Up to 550 mbs read and 520 write) in a usb3 caddy. I read that usb3 and 100mbs are recommended. I meet the requirements but won't work as memory.


it's not visible as device in windows and Linux/gparted :/


The shield encrypts it, have you reformatted it?


Once it's formatted for the Shield it won't work in anything else.


I've bought one of SanDisk (recommended by nvidia) usb drives and it's working fine so far. I've done factory reset before installing it . when was connecting other USB drives it took ages and was slow after. in addition I think it broke that USB drive as not working with any pc/os

Nvidia 25% off HD Homerun Devices / Free 3-Months Plex Pass
Found 28th Jun 2018Found 28th Jun 2018
Nvidia 25% off HD Homerun Devices / Free 3-Months Plex Pass
NVIDIA Shield Rewards Members - Check your emails!! Offers: - Free Plex Pass codes for 3 months* - 25% off HD Homerun Quatro or Duo** - Free Cord Cutting Guide *Offer only ava… Read more

Not got mine yet, but have you considered Powerline?


Anyone have a 25% code I could have?


Prime day deal on the hdhomerun if anyone missed out on the code, £78 for dual , £117 for the quad.


Purchased. Thanks for the heads up.


Hi, I don't suppose anyone still has any of these HDHomeRun 25% codes left? If perhaps you won't be using yours it'd be great to have one if you could PM me. Thanks :) Got one! Thanks magicpork!

Geforce Now is Free on Nvidia Shield right now
Found 16th May 2018Found 16th May 2018
Geforce Now is Free on Nvidia Shield right now
Edit - Even better now, link a steam account and play PC games without needing a PC. Nvidia have confirmed this will remain free until 2019. If you have an Nvidia Shield console, … Read more
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I always wanted to try it. Now I don't have to use the free 30 days. It so good. I'm amazed at the no lag. This may have sold me on it. Why use a PC when I can use this... Wish they had world of warcraft on it.


awesome, i can play some games on it 😁


Mario Galaxy now lunch on NS! YEAH! NVIDIA shield ... (annoyed)


I'm in free trial month on shield myself, must remember to cancel. Personally I've found the range a bit lacklustre and a bit glitchy. The version they are adding for Mac is really interesting though IMO. I'm years past caring enough about PC gaming to keep up with the endless hardware upgrades and no longer have a Windows PC, but would still like to be able to fire up the occasional PC only title.


It doesn't say its free but the Store will be gone as you cant purchase any titles. You can play any that you purchased previously though. You might have an email off them as well as you've only just cancelled.

FREE! Play top games on your PC or Mac without an expensive GPU! nVidia GeForce Now
Found 15th May 2018Found 15th May 2018
FREE! Play top games on your PC or Mac without an expensive GPU! nVidia GeForce Now
This was posted a few months ago by @muffpuff but as I recently got my activation code, I thought I would share again for anyone that missed it. I don't play games (in fact, I s… Read more

been waiting for this!!! I used a different cloud service for games before on PC, but the only difference was that internet speed was 10 times of mine, and also the remote machine could play any game. You still had to purchase the games though.


I got into the trial for this service. Can not seem to install the games says installing but does not. I think the service is also going to be expensive when it launches as it charging by the hour. Those interested should check out simplay they charge $20 a month for cheapest option and unlimited time. The specs are decent as well. Of course Nvidia is free at the moment but worth checking out the rivals.


If anyone has a spare key and activation link for this please could you pm it to me?, be happy to send a few Steam games your way to say thanks :)


My partner got a key.. I didn't... So it's been fun watching them play PUBG and the likes of fortnite and far cry 5 with a laptop with Intel 4000 graphics.


Nice post OP, heat added. Cloud computing is the way to go, no more expensive and repetitive hardware upgrades. When they get the setup of the virtual machines spot on this will definitely be the future of gaming and computing.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070TI - Nvidia.com - 419
Found 26th Apr 2018Found 26th Apr 2018
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070TI - Nvidia.com - 419
Just found you can order the 1070ti from the nvidia website last checked 01/05/2018 17:00 1080 in stock for 529 1070ti in stock for 419 1060 in stock for 279
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I dunno, I saw some benchmarks and the 1080 seemed like an obvious choice, and is only an extra £80 or so?


Because it's hardly any faster and significantly more expensive.




Why not just get the 1080? :/


Agree with you but I, nor you, are the demographic. For example, to play Project Cars 2 on my PC with a Nvidia770, I have to run it on very low, at 1080p on a 2k monitor, just to get a steady 60fps, but I don't mind. Its the gameplay that's keeping me hooked. Same reason why Xbone is my primary, controller feels good, games boot up without issue, and that's all I need

1060 Founders Edition in stock £279 on Nvidia
Found 22nd Apr 2018Found 22nd Apr 2018
1060 Founders Edition in stock £279 on Nvidia
Limited to one per customer, currently showing in stock on the product page, be quick though. Key Features CUDA Cores: 1280 Memory size: 6GB Power: 120W Display Outputs: Displ… Read more
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Oh come on - BASIC with its dynamically declared variables still rocks!! 10 Print "Here is my take on this:" 20 BrandNew = 279 30 SecondHand = 299 40 IF BrandNew<>SecondHand THEN PRINT "The two are not the same" ELSE PRINT "They are the same!!" 50 REM Always add the line below if you are in WH SMITHS in the 80s 60 GOTO 10


get out of here with that c# syntax


Prices ARE creeping down towards R.R.P. as stock comes in. Dont be a mug. Be patient. Buy something with a decent cooler. There is NO WAY a 1060 is worth £280, it should be a~ £220 card and that is for a strix or similar.As for used, theres gonna be a packet of rx's going cheap soon.


why would anyone buy a 1060 , get a better deal on a used card


9kt5 Surely you have to declare the variables first? And you cant just put that statement in code either, it had to do something: string brandNew = "A brand new item"; string secondHand = "A second hand item"; if (brandNew != secondHand) { // Do something here }

GTX 1080 FE In Stock £529 @ Nvidia
Found 15th Apr 2018Found 15th Apr 2018
GTX 1080 FE In Stock £529 @ Nvidia
Hi, I have been looking out for a 1070 at MSRP from Nvidia and noticed the 1080's are in stock if that is of interest to anyone!
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Can't see anything about warranty 9n those cards ? If it's just 2 years, then resale value is rubbish. Mat as well get a second hand asus or any other strong brand still under warranty.


It's night and day between the 970 and the 1080. Feels like double the framerate. I made the move almost two years ago, never looked back.


Dont buy Nvidia, else u will be supporting thier EVIL GPP program.


new phone who dis


If you want 144hz then I think an upgrade is needed

GeForce GTX 1070 and 1080 graphics cards currently available from NVIDIA! £379 and £519 respectively
Found 26th Mar 2018Found 26th Mar 2018
GeForce GTX 1070 and 1080 graphics cards currently available from NVIDIA! £379 and £519 respectively
Get in quick before they're gone! * Just an FYI, for some reason using Chrome wouldn't show any 'in stock' for me. Switched to Edge and successfully placed an order for my new 107… Read more

A 1070 for £380? How the heck is this a "deal"? The graphic card market is super messed up right now and this site is about "hot" "deals". In no way is this a hot deal. Cold, cold, cold. People should not be buying graphic cards unless they are really desperate.


I was half expecting this after seeing some videos on YouTube! Doesn't seem it'd be too much of hassle to change, but then again, I haven't changed a PSU before. As long as the replacement PSU comes with enough cables, it should be enough to replace like for like. Thanks for the heads up.


I don't really think I'm that heavy a user to take advantage of K CPUs in all honesty so I don't mind the locked processor. I can always upgrade a few years down the line when the time to update comes I suppose. You're right, I'd love to build my own rig and customise it to exactly how I want it. It's just that the build itself seems to amount to a decent value compared to the current market of RAM/GPU even if the PSU is sub-standard. I'll have until mid-April to return it once it arrives so I'll keep an eye out on the parts market!


I replaced the PSU in my Aurora R4 after it went pop. What a painful experience! There is a very bespoke wiring "loom" with a single connection to the PSU. Replacing the PSU was easy; removing the existing loom and rewiring - nightmare!


Indeed, that's because the single card will be smoother.

GEFORCE GTX 1070 - £379 @ Nvidea
Found 7th Feb 2018Found 7th Feb 2018
GEFORCE GTX 1070 - £379 @ Nvidea
Well its a reasonable price and in stock.........


Nvidea make the best face cream which I prefer to wear when gaming to keep my face supple.


This was posted earlier: https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/nvidia-geforce-gtx-1070-founders-edition-379-delivered-geforce-2890360


Oos for me :(


none in stock