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Found 24th Sep 2016Found 24th Sep 2016
Whole list of retailers who are honouring this offer, unfortunately Amazon isn't on there.
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Just out of curiosity, GOW4 is a "play anywhere" title, does this means those that have this, can play it on the xbone too? Or does this code only allow it for PC use only and im torn between a GPU upgrade or a xbone?


unfortunately no, the offer only started this week.


Do you think I can get a code brought my card 3 weeks ago


Where from?


Bought mine over 3 month ago from aria a 1080 one as well would not mind this game.

nvidia shield k1 back in stock - £169 @ Nvidia
Found 13th Sep 2016Found 13th Sep 2016
k1 tablet back in stock it seems just on nvidia website. However price has risen to £169. Thought they had stopped making it,so just ordered one for my holidays. Still nothing to t… Read more

I had been waiting for it to come back in stock but will leave it since they have increased the price


Thanks, that link works. Looks like their shop is a bit buggy... Might be worth updating the deal with the working link if anyone's able to.


try this link: https://shield.nvidia.co.uk/store/tablet/k1


Ordered, thanks mchuge, i thought these were gone for good.


Seems to be showing £149.99, but out of stock.

Own a Nvidia Shield?  Get 3 months free access to 65 PC games with GeForce Now
Found 23rd Jul 2016Found 23rd Jul 2016
Hey all, Can't see this has ever been posted? Nvidia have a subscription system that is similar to PS+, you pay a monthly fee and have access to several games as part of your f… Read more

​ive been using it for over a year now on an Asus rtn66u router with 200mb broadband and it's been flawless. they do say for 1080p@60fps you need a minimum of 50mbps stable......I think in years to come it will be the future for a lot of consoles to run this way but right now we just don't have the infrastructure


​i can't remember off the top of my head but you can bring up an on-screen keyboard


​its flawless and will handle any type of video file with ease


make sure before you start to play the game that you go into settings and ramp up all the settings to max! I have a 200mb connection and thief looks stunning at full resolution and Max settings


​where and what price? been holding out for 2 or 3 weeks for a price reduction... flipping 175 on amazon, and 150 pre order on scan.. considering folk got it with the remote also for 130, I can't bring myself to pay over 200 for the 2.

Nvidia Shield TV (16gb) Free remote - £149.99 Pro (500gb) Free remote and stand £219.99 @ Nvidia & Scan
Found 15th Jun 2016Found 15th Jun 2016
Free remote included with both versions, free stand included with the 500gb version until 10th July. Also includes 3 months of WRC Same offer is available at scan also - https://ww… Read more
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So i ordered from nvidia, no shipping emails so i called them 3 days later and told they don't know when ill receive so wait 7 days, i decided to cancel and ordered from scan which arrived next day, 7 days later I get shipping emails and cancelation emails from nvidia and my parcel delivered, now they want me to pay to return it as per there terms and conditions, surely thats fraud as the item was clearly out of stock when ordered?


Sold out darn it


Amazon has it in limited stock now and almost £10 cheaper too for the 500GB model: https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/nvidia-shield-pro-500-gb-android-tv-box-with-controller-210-41-amazon-2471289


Amazon live chat: "I have checked with our management team and they expect the item to be back in stock on July 1st or 2nd week."


I want it but would prefer Amazon. I'll keep watching to see if Amazon is going to price match. 8)

Just letting you know Nvidia shield Tablet back in stock £149.99 delivered @ Nvidia
Found 3rd May 2016Found 3rd May 2016
https://shield.nvidia.co.uk/tablet/k1 back in stock Just letting people know its back in stock...
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out of stock @ nvidia


Just bought one via Dabs and it's a great tablet for the money. Benchmarks better than the Galaxy tab s2 but screen isn't amoled but still good. Heat added.


it isn't expensive. Before controller was included plus charger for 200. Now 150 w/o charger and controller. and just let you know tlater it was the older model with stylus. This one K1 does not include stylus.


Always wanted one but to expensive now finally reasonable price. Hot for me.

Nvidia shield console - free second controller + 3 months GeForce Now £149.99
Found 30th Apr 2016Found 30th Apr 2016
NVIDIA SHIELD is an amazing Ultra HD streaming media player, delivering incredible 4K resolution in favorite apps like Netflix*, YouTube, KODI (XBMC), and PLEX. Vivid 10-bit color … Read more
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Dam, just missed out. How often does Nvidia make deals like this? Should I hanng around for the next one?


Already posted.


There's already 2 of the same (still unexpired) deals posted on here. Recent post is only 5 days old.

Nvidia Shield TV + TWO Game Controllers 16Gb £149.99 / Pro 500Gb £219.99 @ Nvidia (Saving £49.99)
Found 6th Apr 2016Found 6th Apr 2016
Shield Multi-Player Sale. Now includes two game controllers.

pretty sure it's expired tried Nvidia, Scan, Ebuyer and Amazon. no mention of second controller anywhere.


So this includes 2 controlls also could I install virgin media TV anywhere?


Amazon have them now just add a 2nd controller to trolley and its free.


Juat my takenbut its a device thats only really worthwhile if you have multiple uses. Had mones 4 months now and its one of the beat purchases iv made. Defintely a good purchase if you tick two or more of these boxes: Advanced Kodi (heavy skins, large library, pvr etc) Top end 4k support (60hz etc) Pc game streaming Ps4 game streaming Retro Gaming beyond PS1 Top end android gaming Theres definetly better purchases for basic kodi/media players but if your looking for top end + gaming options this is amazing.


Any recommendations for a wireless keyboard and mouse??

SHIELD TABLET K1 £149.99 Starts shipping on Mar 16, 2016 @ Nvidia
Found 15th Mar 2016Found 15th Mar 2016
The new NVIDIA SHIELD tablet K1 is a high-performance Android tablet that transforms into an amazing gaming machine with the SHIELD controller and GeForce NOW cloud gaming service.… Read more
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​Thanks. Ordered the cheapest one I could as they all seem the same design. Also made a mistake on ordering and got the TV box! Have to send that back now. Luckily dabs had 1 left in stock of the tablet. should get it before I fly out end of next week.


I bought this one. Its front and back cover and fits perfectly! Also not too bulky. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Fintie-NVIDIA-SHIELD-Tablet-SmartShell/dp/B00NHMNTTC?ie=UTF8&psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00


What case do people have. They all seem a bit bulky besides the official one but then no back protection.


Ordered mine from ebuyer.com as they have stock.


​if the first editions had any downfall it is definitely the Wireless Range, i think it was a genuine design flaw and still dont understand how they allowed to manufacture these wirh such a glaring problem. its just simply not atrong enough.5ghz gaming you would probably be fine if you was im the bedroom above the room the router is located, but through potentially two solid walls, you might as well be sat on Mars. this however cam be dealt with if you're willing to spend a few extra pence and get the Netgear PW1000 or whatever its model number is. it connect using ethernet over power and bridges your existing wifi up stairs, essentially expanding the wifi range of your network by a solid 70%, enough to cover the house in a 5gh signal. i dont think the new batch suffer this design flaw.

up to 67% off nvidea shield games valentines day sale (some Free!)
Found 14th Feb 2016Found 14th Feb 2016
valentines day sale on the tab go to the store and filter by sale
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Thanks mate, I reckon I'll get a K1 when it is out. Cheers!


I've got the tablet and have a lot of emulators on it- from Speccy through to MAME, Dreamcast and PS1. It's pretty much faultless from what I've played, although a decent capacity mSD card is pretty much essential as those ROMs take up quite a bit of space. The controller works with pretty much every emu without fiddling, although some games need a tweak in settings :)


on your shield tablet use this link to find the games you want in the play store http://m.uk.ign.com/articles/2016/02/12/get-six-must-play-games-up-to-67-off-now-on-nvidia-shield you have to be on your shield for the discount.


​TV or tablet? I can't comment on the tablet, but the TV is excellent at N64 and PS1 emulation. Wii and GameCube emulation is coming along great, too. There are also a lot of Dreamcast games that play very well on the Shield TV.


Would anyone here recommend the nvidia shield? Ideally want to use it for emulation ps1 and n64 thanks.

Tom Clancy The Division Beta Code Free All platform PS4 / XboxOne / PC
Found 28th Jan 2016Found 28th Jan 2016
Hope this helps for those who want a beta code even though just for 2 days :). Click "Get Your Beta" and you will need to enter your email. After received the beta code, go into … Read more

​If you are doing a copy and paste, make sure it's not added a random [ ] spacer onto the end of your code. Mean was pasting then adding a spacer after that was hard to see. Tried the xbox one beta last night. Game is promising, a small learning curve with menus etc. But can't wait to do a squid game hopefully tonight on ps4.




Me too. :/


have you tried getting a code for the xbox one and the ps4 on the same system? i had this problem too, ended up having to log in on my phone.


Got the code but getting 'invalid code' error on last stage

Nvidia Shield TV Pro (/w remote and controller) £189.99 @ nvidia
Found 23rd Dec 2015Found 23rd Dec 2015
Hello, been looking for a price drop on Nvidia Shield TV in Pro version for a while and just found very good price on Nvidia website itself, checked with Amazon, but they won't pri… Read more

Thanks. Amazon, Game, Scan and Ebuyer are all showing this price. I bought from Amazon as Nvidia add to cart wouldn't work, Game had different price in store and quoted 5-7 days delivery / c+c, scan £9.99 delivery and Ebuyer have been bad to me in past.


absolutely what? lol I was saying these were £107 2 weeks ago from amazon franc.now you came listing machines capabilities lol


actually I do.probably much more than you do.these were £107 via amazon france deal 1 week ago.now who has no clue?


I just bought one from amazon this morning for £129.99. I was holding out for it to drop again :)


Absolutely! Top of the tree in its market by far. This has as much graphical processing power as a PS3 in a tiny box and is capable enough not to be obsolete for around a decade as a streaming device. As a all in one media device absolutely nothing else comes close currently in the market.

nVidia Black Friday Sale - 50% off eight Shield Games
Found 25th Nov 2015Found 25th Nov 2015
To celebrate Black Friday, we’ve slashed the prices for the following eight games in half. If any aren’t already in your personal collection, now is the perfect time to grab them b… Read more

I don't want to install it though, I just want to buy it because I'm getting the shield tablet for Christmas. Google Play really annoys me sometimes.


Yeah you need to have a compatible device before you can install it :(


There is no way to buy these unless you already own the shield right? The Buy button just doesn't respond when I press it.


Yeah, i haven't been able to buy them without actually having the shield device on my account. Shame.


I thought you could clicked to buy but it wont also use this for free money https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.apps.paidtasks&hl=en I have ordered a shield today and never knew what to spend me rewards on up to £16 now I will spend it on shield games

Nvidia Shield TV + Controller + Remote £119.99 (Nvidia Store from tonight)
Found 25th Nov 2015Found 25th Nov 2015
Just a heads up and credit to trustedreviews as found it on their website. £30 reduction and also includes remote (worth £39.99). All in the name of Black Friday. http://www.trust… Read more

Any one know how to get the best from kodi with this ?


Quick question can a ps3 controller be used with the shield. Cheers


Any one go for the 500GB pro ?


I ordered one from Game and one from Amazon. The one from Amazon arrived promptly and the Game order is still waiting to be picked up from Shrewsbury. Does anyone want it?


Yeah, 5GHz AC. My router is in my livingroom and my PC is in the room above. The signal has to pass through one wall and the floor. I'm still going to buy some homeplugs for the added stability. I think I will get the TP-Link AV1200 http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00X59GJGC

NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV £149.99 @ nvidia store
Found 1st Oct 2015Found 1st Oct 2015
NVIDIA SHIELD THE BEST ANDROID TV BOX Transform your TV experience with NVIDIA® SHIELD™. It's about amazing, interactive experiences, powered by the latest technologies and apps… Read more
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Way better..


Your favourite Chinese sites like gearbest and banggood or eBay. Some clips on YouTube which suggest 4K playback is good. But not got one just yet.


Any links for these?


Just as an alternative, a few Rockchip based TV boxes do 4K 60fps. And amlogic s905 boxes are coming. Under £50.


Anyone happy with there's, the gaming is ok but I'm thinking of the fire tv4 instead although this has better 4K support

Found 30th Aug 2015Found 30th Aug 2015
The site says this beta is closed, however it is still generating beta keys, this is a Nvidia giveaway,Just hit the link and get your key. Just got 4 keys 2 minutes ago. It says i… Read more
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Heat from me thanks!!


Thanks. Works fine :)


nice one


Thank you

Free Beta Keys: Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six® Siege
Found 28th Aug 2015Found 28th Aug 2015
Nvidia are offering free beta access keys to the upcoming closed beta for Rainbow Six Siege. Just had mine sent through but unsure of availability No purchase necessary and no ne… Read more

TY OP, have some heat.


Heat Op


got code saying invalid when i try it dam


Heat added, looking forward to trying it out


Awesome!! Ps4 confirmation :)

Nvidia Shield Tablet Black Friday Bundle - £299 from Nvidia Resellers
Found 25th Nov 2014Found 25th Nov 2014
For Gamers everywhere "this Friday, you can buy the 32GB SHIELD tablet with LTE capabilities – and get a free SHIELD controller, Green Box bundle and NVIDIA GRID on-demand game str… Read more
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I emailed dabsconsumerteam@dabs.com with the following information Name / Email Address / Dabs Sales Order Number They very quickly emailed me back with the code to redeem on the nvidia website. Still very angry with them tho! Despite purchasing the tablet on black Friday Dabs are currently refusing to send me a controller. Has anybody else had trouble getting there controller from Dabs or it just me?


For anyone who bought from Dabs. Searched everywhere for the voucher and then went to the Dabs website. On the product page there's a bit at the bottom saying you have to email Dabs and they will email a code back.


I too got a reply today, bit bizarre "Hi We have no extra coupons available, but please refer to the below link and download code;" The link and code worked. Half Life 2: Episode 1 not currently available yet, downloading the others as I type ... Portal is only 19mb download, sweet ... oh, 2.3Gb game data :) Very happy with the Tablet, simple to use, works well with Lollipop and meets expectations. Battery life is poor, I charged mine when it came out of the box even though it had around 50% charge to start with, maybe this was a mistake but I'd like to think we no longer have "memory" batteries"


I bought mine from eBuyer and the code was fortunately included with it.


Just an update about the code, they emailed me back, admitted there was a problem with dispatch and emailed me a code to download the games. Can't say fairer than that.

Join the Neverwinter beta now! From NVIDIA GeForce.
Found 18th Mar 2013Found 18th Mar 2013
Get your beta key now at http://on.fb.me/147jAhI :-) (requires a Facebook account) OPEN ONLY TO LEGAL RESIDENTS OF THE UNITED KINGDOM, GERMANY, FRANCE, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERI… Read more

But I don't want anything to do with fb, real or not.


You can set up a FB account within 60 seconds. Real or not. And.....then forget about it! Shocker!


apparently so! lol I'm in the same boat!


You can do all that without a Facebook account?


You could have liked the page, entered your details. Selected not to post anything to your wall, and then unliked the page as soon as you had the key.

GeForce Experience
Found 7th Dec 2012Found 7th Dec 2012
Auto-Optimize Your Games Want to know the best settings to play your games? GeForce Experience will figure it out for you. GeForce Experience connects you to NVIDIA’s cloud datacen… Read more
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This looks much more user-friendly than Razer's Game Booster.


Boo :( My CPU doesn't meet the requirements


Thanks! Need all the help I can get optimising Planetside 2 :)


Shame- i am getting a your system is not support message even though i think it should be. It is in BETA so i guess still a bit buggy as the forums are full of posts about the same random message.


Watch an intro gamepla movie- but yeah it takes a bit of time to understand WTF is going on...i will be playing tonight...i managed a bit of play the other night and found myself in some pretty awsome and massive firefights trying to take over flags ( or what evey they are) Light soldier is good..you can fly :)

Starcraft 2 Electronic Download £9.65 @ Nvidia Online Store
Found 26th Aug 2010Found 26th Aug 2010
Edit : leedale30 has confirmed the product key was emailed to him when the order went through. EDIT : IT HAS BEEN CONFIRMED IN THE COMMENTS THAT THIS PRODUCT KEY THEY SEND YOU ONL… Read more
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do you get to still play for 7 hours/14 days? lol


Great glad you guys got refunded :)


Yeah, same here, got an email through this morning asking me to accept the refund which I did so it should now be processed within the next few days.


refund accepted


ouch, i was just looking at videos and reviews for the game, im glad i didnt purchase when i saw the code had worked, good luck to those that did in getting a refund

vReveal 2.0 Fix your shaky videos, for free
Found 24th Jun 2010Found 24th Jun 2010
Works on HD1! Easy One Click Fix Stabilize, brighten, sharpen, and more Add fun special effects Built-in Youtube and Facebook uploaders Minimum System Requirements: Operating … Read more

I tried it on a vid I took on my iphone (not known for high quality in the scheme of things video wise) and there is an option to split screen on the PC to compare old and new side by side and that did look like a good improvement. However on watching it on a 42" tv I swapped between the two and really wouldn't say there was any noticeable improvement at all. There is no option to save at the higher resolutions unless you buy the full version - there is also a "clean" option which they say takes care of grainy video, but you need to buy the full version for that too. At £31 plus more if you want a CD or tech support, I'll pass.


You don't have to put your email address, just click on the free download

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