NY-LAS-LA hotel and flights £599 @ groupon

NY-LAS-LA hotel and flights £599 @ groupon

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NY-LAS-LA hotel and flights £599 from Manchester other airports are available but costs more.
I can't book a matching trip any cheaper.


I have some annual leave booked in September. How do I know what dates are available or will I only know once I have bought the voucher? Thank you in advance
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Too much travelling and not enough time to enjoy especially in LA.

You need to buy 2 of them.
Who are the flights with ?
Are these flights direct ?
How much extra is hold luggage ?
Does this include airport/hotel transfers ?

Domain name is owned by an individual, not a company, so be aware.

Finally found their atol number on this page.

Great price, but lots of unknowns.

Heat added.

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be warned...

Also, despite them saying atol/abta - i dont see them listing their registration number on their website

Looks like they are trading as Jetline.

I used a deal from wowcher for the same package back at the of May 2016.

Did not have a single problem using them. I think the base price includes connecting flights. I paid £400 extra per person which included direct flights from LHR (to EWR-LAX-LAS-EWR-LHR) except the return flight which was a 1hr connecting flight in EWR. Also included were airport-hotel-airport transfers, though would of been quicker to do our own transfer from EWR-New York City and from LAX to Knotts Berry.

All flights were with United. Hold luggage included.

The only annoying this is the Knotts Berry hotel is a long way from somewhere like Santa Monica/Venice/Hollywood.

Also this is there office in Barnet: i.imgur.com/ZsM…jpg
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I'd never buy any travel deal through Groupon again. They all look very tempting but once you have bought the vouchers and go on to book the dates become very limited . To have alternative dates costs you much more. They are in fact a gimmick to lore you in to buy a more expensive holiday, so unless you can be very flexible with the dates , don't bother.Make sure you read all the small print. Plus on this offer only hand luggage is included , hate to think what extra they'll want for hold luggage.
I was lucky with my dealings with Groupon breaks and got my money back on a technicality, the agents didn't confirm within 7 days as per the T&C's, had to be very insistent though. I also found that I could have booked the break I was given cheaper myself.

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Any idea how much the single person supplement would be?

I was about to book with this then googled jetline / clearsky. They have very bad reviews and shocking sales methods after you book!

Read reviews on Clearsky website and reviews for the hotels, really bad for both the company and the hotels.

8 days? How can you possibly enjoy three cities with 2.5 days each? Too much traveling. I have only had one experience with Groupon and never again! I don't like these purchase-a-trip-for-a-voucher websites. I dread to think the amount of hassle you'll have to go through if anything happens and you need help! The Groupon details are quite ambiguous (as they always are) so I don't think many will be interested! I always find DIY holidays (book everything yourself individually) the best and cheapest, IMO. I guess some others may be interested, though!
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