Posted 27 December 2022

NZXT H1 Tempered Glass Gaming Case with 650W PSU and AIO119.99 at AWD-IT

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NZXT H1 provides a beautifully small vertical chassis, maintaining full-sized GPU compatibility. The building experience is streamlined, with pre-routed cable channels and an integrated PSU and AIO liquid cooler. The dual-chamber exhaust layout maintains superior cooling for the CPU and GPU, providing each with a dedicated air source. Apparently it’s Will Smiths favourite PC case.

Great price for a good looking case with a Gold rated 650W PSU and AIO.

I bought one a couple of weeks ago and it hasn’t caught fire yet!! (And I’m running a 5800x!)

*****IMPORTANT: After further research - the old riser cable models still exist in the wild. There was another deal with a computer company from Bolton (who are banned here) for 99.99. I saw the deal on Reddit and it seems a user there received a v1 riser cable.

Therefore if you take the risk of ordering this make sure you have a v2 riser cable or ask for a return****

white out of stock, black still in stock
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    Bought this V1 case for my M-ITX build. The fan noise and temp were annoyingly hard to manage. My advice to go for V2 if u can or NP200R case or something along that line
    I was moving from a kolink observatory which is a mid size case but the fans were all spinning 100 pc all the time and the airflow was horrible due to the double side tempered glass so it’s all relative! For me it’s been great!
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    You'll need this too

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    This case is great for that money. Riser is presumably free of the fire hazard issue, if not they will replace it for free. Of course there are compromises, you won't put an high end hardware into it as PSU is just 650W, but it could handle Ryzen 5600x (5Ghz single core / 4650MHz all core) with temps up to 76 Celcius under stress and RTX 2080s with no issues whatsoever. I assume it would handle lower tier RTX 4000 with ease as well, just 3000 series is problematic due to rubbish Samsung process. AIO Pump is (so far) quiet and efficient, when gets clogged (which I guess just a matter of time) I'll clean it as there are many YT videos regarding that issue. Build is nice and simple, and it looks great.
    Out of curiosity why is it that AIOs clog up without any outside interference
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    Don't be afraid to buy one if you like the look of them. When you get it, set yourself up an account with NZXT. Register the Chassis with them. Then send an email via the portal, to which they reply within 24 hours usually. They will usually ask you to give them the serial number of the riser as per the excellent pics in this post. Simply do this, attach it to the service engineer's response and they do the rest and if needed, they simply send the replacement. It all happens within a matter of days. Quite why the YouTube crowd give or gave NZXT such a hard time over this is ludicrous. There is not much more they can do, to be fair and they NEVER argue. Plus the 3 year warranty is still there as a backup. Lot of kit for the money. I would be much more concerned with the AIO cooler, where the pumps can tend to fail to be honest, especially on higher end CPUs where they are running hot all the time, but you can always use a decent air cooler instead. If you WANT to believe all you read or see on YouTube, then stay away, you will never be comfortable with these, but follow the above steps and you have a wonderful basis for an elegant system that will look and perform well enough for 99% of us. The cooler will keep a 5900X or a 5950X in check and will run a 6600, a 6600Xt, an RTX2060, 2070, 3060 and a 3060Ti combo with stock voltages. Undervolt if you want to pull down the fans noise and power requirements. Yes, the V2 is better, but at nearly +£100, yes the Coolermaster NR200(P) is better, but it is a completely different format, the Thermaltake Tower 100 is better, but massively larger entry footprint & price point by the time you take account of the 'free' components NZXT are giving here, so do the maths and you'll not get close to these for this format. DO GET THE RISER CABLE CHECKED HOWEVER, just in case. Within a week of buying it, you should have a fully safe system one way or the other. Don't take a chance on the riser without checking it out, as this is a step too far and completely un-necessary given NZXT's excellent commitment to keeping you safe.
    Which air cooler would you recommend? Thinking about switching over from the AIO 
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    Got mine delivered it is the v2 replacement riser cable. So all good if you order
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    These get enough heat already by all accounts…
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    Black one was also £120 last time I checked
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    The V2 is better in almost every way but the it does cost about twice as much

    Heat (But not literally. At least no anymore ;))
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    Received mine today and it came with the version 2 riser cable 😁
    Did the box have signs of been resealed? Otherwise its a newer stock and came out of the factory with the updated cable.
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    Jumped on it myself after long deliberation. Just need ITX motherboard and they are crazy expensive. Great price considering power supply and decent cpu cooler. Like people said can always get NZXT to send revised cable if its old stock
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    I can't remember now if it was factory sealed, sorry.
    I must say though that it's a very good quality piece of kit, anyone who buys one will say the same and for £120, it's a steal.
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    The newer versions of v1 came with a replaced riser cable 
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    This is a great deal - however be aware of issues with the PSU riser cable that may cause fires and this case is not the best thermally so don’t put a 300w card in it
    They handled it badly but replaced the riser cables and all new units have the new “safe” cable as standard
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    I am tempted by this as it's been a while since my last ITX build and I've got a few parts kicking around. And even though the V2 is almost twice the price I'm not sure if this is too much of a compromise despite the £120 price point?
    I’d get the v2 now which is 184
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    Love my H1. Exactly the case I was after when I saw it years and ago and it's been one of my 0 regret 'overpriced' purchases in recent memory.

    One massively underrated feature is that it's perfect footrest height under your desk.
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    For anyone wondering. If this is fixed, they have a sticker on the under side. In the UK there is a recall on the gov site with the affected serial numbers. I've just built one from the banned place for £100. (Stock from early December).




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    Read my above comments PLEASE! (edited)
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    NZXTs management of blatant incompetence and the prospect of suffering ‘thermal anxiety’ are two things that put me off this case. The case looks awesome, so a shame. I think Phanteks do a better version of this design, but it doesn’t look as clean as this IMO. (edited)
    Use a motherboard box instead and don't worry about a case?
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    Mini ITX. . . .
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    Great deal for a nice case, mini ITX motherboards are so rare lately or am I just looking in thr wrong place.
    Motherboard are generally in short supply currently. Most in stock over priced.
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    I have this case and have had support from NZXT over firegate issue and they provided the replacement kit.

    I still cannot recommend this case. Thermals are still a bit too high, and I think the PSU is less than premium.
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    This comes with the pcie 3 riser cable, I have a pcie 4 motherboard and pcie 4 graphic card, would these be compatible with the riser 3 cable? If so, would there be performance issues?
    Need to select gen 3 in your motherboard bios. Which GPU are you using.?
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    I would of Jumped on this deal if I could find an acceptably priced Motherboard for AM4.
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    Same price at Amazon now…