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:O c=====8

Found 5th Jun
Bunch of nolifes, not worth to bother.
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Don't need to be hot. Just an alternative for those who missed on Tescos

You posted a lot of cold Xbox deals! the people on this site are no fool.

Sorry but after that phenomenal Tesco Direct deal, where else could this go but cold. Not really much excuse for people to have missed it either really since it was on and off pretty much all weekend.

Couldn't really recommend this deal as a result and even on it's own merits it's just the average price for these used/refurb, not terrible but nowt special either...


Don't need to be hot.

Just as well pal

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You posted a lot of cold Xbox deals! the people on this site are no fool.

​I'm aware people here are no fools but seeing some of the comments I'm pretty sure there's a bunch of retards hunting for heat every now and then, and ****-posting every deal they see. (_;) And they believe everyone else is doing the same.
I love even more when they're especially picky for someone who's found what he needs in fairly good price and share it along with 2 different things through the whole year (like I would sell my own stuff here wtf?).
All in all, I don't need any heat, badges, experience or whatever else you've got in here as much as I don't need to post anything to let people buy things cheaper. No point to post a deal (which sells in hundreds within a week btw) as an addition to checking or up-\down-voiting others' deals because great part of community in here is a bunch of bratty kids. Done.
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£10 @ Groupon

Good deal
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