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Posted 6 August 2022

O2 50GB 5G data (100gb with VM broadband), Unltd min/text, Volt benefit, + 6 Month Disney+ free for - £12pm /12m (£11 TCB) @ Uswitch/O2

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This comes with 6 months Disney+

Existing Customer

How the discount works - Multisave | Plans & Tariffs | O2 * *

Get 20% off the Airtime Plan of every new eligible Pay Monthly connection you add to your account. Text LOYALTY to 21500 from your new number, within 28 days.
You can add up to 20 Multisave discounts – five of these can be Refresh contracts.
Use our eligibility checklist to see if you can claim this offer.
The lead connection is on a Pay Monthly or sim only tariff.
To get the airtime discount, make sure you have an existing Pay Monthly or sim only tariff that isn’t already discounted, or part of another promotion. Pop into an O2 store and chat to one of the team if you're unsure. if you’re unsure.
You've taken out a new eligible O2 Refresh or sim only contract.
All connections are registered under the same billing address as the lead device.

T&C: Multisave discount Terms and Conditions (from 17 June 2022 onwards) | O2 * *
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  1. Avatar
    Great deal. I’d have gone for it if it included international roaming.
    This does have international roaming. I bought it about 6 weeks ago and I’m regretting it.

    O2 has the worst signal I’ve experienced in years. 95% of the time when I’m out and about I have 3G (including now). It’s painful and it might be cheap but in reality there’s zero value in having a deal like this
  2. Avatar
    Great deal but as another poster has said O2 coverage can be very poor. It is for me in East Sussex but in fairness I've not found a network that works well here (EE slightly better than others but still poor). O2 has wifi calling which helps
  3. Avatar
    Anyone have experience of roaming with O2,particularly in the states ?
    I'm hearing that there roaming speeds are capped.
    Mixed. Good at start of trip but had to rely on getting Wi-Fi as at certain points went to no data - restarting phone sometimes helps but definitely throttled service at points
  4. Avatar
    Possibly a silly question, but is that 50gb per month or for the whole 12 months? Cheers.
    No question is 'silly' if you don't know the answer
  5. Avatar
    ee s*cks where i live so this would be perfect for me.thanks op
  6. Avatar
    Nice! My price has been creeping up, back down to where I’m happy with and more data. Cheers OP.
  7. Avatar
    Great deal, O2 the best network where I am so I've switched from a PAYG on £10 a month 8GB to this deal, thanks!
  8. Avatar
    Just select existing customer when asked
  9. Avatar
    I got this . I pay £9.60 with volt
  10. Avatar
    Good... If you dont want to make a call out of the island..
  11. Avatar
    100gb (200gb with volt) also available for £15 per month. (edited)
  12. Avatar
    I got the £8 deal a while ago 20 gb , because I got vm it doubled to 40 gb then because I got both they put me from 200mb to 350mb then 500mb at no extra cost. no problem with service where I am , I was on Tesco before which use o2.
  13. Avatar
    Do you have be with them a month before you can switch ?
  14. Avatar
    Do I still get 25gb if I have a 4g phone??
    This deal is for 50gb, and yes you will get 50gb on 4g . just tick 4g the sim will do both.
  15. Avatar
    Excluding the RPI increase during contract, what price does this increase to in 12 Months?

    Long time since I have been with o2. How easy / difficult is it to negotiate similar price on renewal?

    Looks like they calculate it and add a baseline 3.9% they announced the combined costs in February announcements

    For example: This year's RPI rate was published on 16th February 2022 and was 7.8%

    But yes I'm not sure if it will impact you if you take out a deal now, are you safe for the first 12 months or will you get a hike in April. I need someone else to have a read into it. Sorry for the half answer
  16. Avatar
    I'm sure the O2 Inclusive Travel (owtte) addon included Turkey previously. Do any networks still include Turkey in any of their inclusive roaming? Vodafone dropped it a while ago I think, might be wrong of course.
  17. Avatar
    My experience of trying all 4 main operators in all 4 corners of the UK. And most places in between.

    IF you NEED o2 , this is a a good deal. O2 for me is fantastic for calls. pretty poor for data. I still keep it active as esim incase i need it. Along with a vodaphone esim and my main EE number. 3 is not worth getting it for free.

    02 in florida was unusable for me last month. Great at getting a signal, but useless in practice.
    Similiar to my experiences pre apocolypse.