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Posted 4 February 2023

O2 5G SIM - 40GB (80GB with Volt), Unltd Mins/Txts, 3 Mth Disney+, EU Roaming - £10 p/m 12 Mths Total £120 via Uswitch @ O2

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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

This deal is available for New and Existing Customer

I know that it is not a great time to take 12 months contract when RPI increase is due in 2 months time. But if you are running out of your Disney+ Subscription, you can switch to this tariff and switch again to the best available tariff in April provided by O2 at that time.

If you are not aware, you can switch between O2 tariffs after 30 days even in your 12 months contract. That is what I have been doing to beat RPI increase and renew my DIsney+ Subscription for free.

If you are an existing O2 pay monthly customer, you can add this this as an additional plan, 40GB (80GB with Volt), for £8 with 20% multisave discount Multisave | Plans & Tariffs | O2 Text LOYALTY to 21500 from your new number, within 28 days.



New Customer:

Data: 40 GB (80GB if you have Virgin Broadband)
Minutes: Unlimited
Texts: Unlimited
Contract Length:12 months
Monthly cost: £10
Total Cost for the contract: £120
Features: Free 3 months Disney+, O2 Priority benefits, Get up to three months free Apple Music
Roaming: Free EU Roaming included Roaming in Europe

*If you qualify for VOLT benefit, you will get Free upgrade of existing Virgin Media broadband Speed to next available Tier and Double data ( 80GB 5G data) for your SIM

Existing Customer

Additional Plan

If you are an existing O2 pay monthly customer, you can add this this as an additional plan, 40GB (80GB with Volt), for £8 with 20% multisave discount Multisave | Plans & Tariffs | O2 Text LOYALTY to 21500 from your new number, within 28 days.

Switch existing Tariff

  • Click on Get Deal ,
  • Go through the checkout and choose I'm an existing customer,
  • SIgn in to your O2 account
  • Choose upgrade my existing O2 number

Uswitch More details at Uswitch
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  1. Kingydaman's avatar
    OK quick question. Ive just upgraded phone to a 5g one.... Do I need to change the sim card?, & if so, how do I do it? (edited)
    KodaBear's avatar
    If you needed a new SIM, one would have been sent with your phone assuming it was an upgrade done with the network.

    If you bought the phone yourself then you’ll have to arrange a replacement manually. But only if your SIM is years old. Generally any recent ones are already pre-programmed to support it.

    Remember that 5G isn’t everywhere though. Go on the coverage checker to confirm that 5G is actually available where you are.
  2. julianporter5's avatar
    O2 regularly tells me I have 5G when I have no connection at all. Many others have the same problem. Who wants to manually force the phone to use 4G as they told me in the shop? Wish I could get rid of my contract with them now. (edited)
    stuartbe31's avatar
    I kept reporting network issues and they eventually released me from contract with no charges. Just keep telling them.
  3. stuartbe31's avatar
    O2 deals are getting better as people leave them. Network is shocking around greater Manchester (I’ve not checked further afield) I reported network issues and they blamed everything else, phone/SIM etc.

    Only time it worked was in Spain
    Shuggles's avatar
    Becuase they are owned by Telefinica who are Spanish and their main network is Movistar which is excellent
  4. danielbentham's avatar
    Usually SIM only deals will have a clause saying you cannot go onto a lower tariff and also will say depenging on your credit status can upgrade to a handset deal after 3 - 6 months. I didnt go all the way through to the contract info but this is very likely to be in the terms (I work for O2 retentions and do SIMO deals as part of my job) so I doubt this one has omitted this one from the T&Cs. The 30 days switch is usually for Refresh plans (handset on a credit agreement and Airtime plan seperately took out be DD). (edited)
    Random1234's avatar
    Thank you for the information, much appreciated! But I have always switched my tariff in the past. To be honest, I am not sure if I have moved from £10 to £8. But I have definitely reverted back from new price with RPI increase to pre-rise price with more data. I am sure several others HUKD members have done it as well
  5. crixus's avatar
    Two Sims in my phone, both can show 5G with full signal in a city centre, speedtest on Three 450Mbps, O2 500Kbps. Seems to be a similar story everywhere I go, with O2 occasionally peaking at about 10Mbps.

    Try using O2 to watch video or stream music, no chance, just about loads emails or web pages.

    Only use O2 one as a real back up if there's no Three signal at all.

    As others have said I assume it's vastly congested. How things change in 5 years, I left Three as it was so bad and recently rejoined just to see if it was any better than O2 and amazed at the difference.
  6. Cheapasnowt's avatar
    Anyone know when you can take out a new O2 for the price hike not to apply. Last year it was the 25th March. Does anyone know?
  7. StevoBadger's avatar
    Have to agree with many comments on here. I took an O2 deal on here 9 months ago and regretted it the day I tried to use the 4G. Loads of data on the deal but ridiculously slow and no-way 4G most of the time. Got the rest of the family a Lebara deal and that’s been insanely good. Will be jumping to them once the current O2 deal is done. Even with the VM bolt on benefits, just a waste of time and money.
  8. Bargainz999's avatar
    Just a heads up for those who already have both Virgin Media and O2 and need Volt benefits. The good news is that you no longer need to have both contracts in the same name. As long as the packages have been taken out in the same household, you'll get the volt benefits immediately - That means for Virgin you'll be moved up the next broadband speed and for O2 you're data will be doubled. I only requested the Volt today and they O" have immediately applied the Volt benefits, so now I'm getting 80gb data instead of 40gb.
    Xenu_Jahbulon's avatar
    Awesome, was just about to ask this question. Wife pays for the virgin media but this phone contract would be in my name. Do you know how this works if you're part way through a contract? We have 10 months of Virgin media left now. They won't want us to sign up for another 12/18 months will they ?
  9. Greigy's avatar
    Nice work highlighting that you can switch between tariffs after 30 days. Great way to get Disney+ for free!
    nathaniel0's avatar
    Been doing the same for a while too with the £8 a month, not sure if they’re cracking down though as today was the time I haven’t been able to. Tells me I’m not eligible for upgrade and have to wait til the end of my current contract or pay exit fees
  10. Headnogood's avatar
    Idiot question. Here so I’ve just signed for virgin with a 02 10gb sim deal can I move to this as it’s 4 x the gb for £2 less.
    KingOfSpades's avatar
    Yes you can upgrade / downgrade if you are on o2 sim only
  11. keefly's avatar
    Slight segue here, but can anyone confirm that if you're getting double data from O2 due to VOLT the double data remains in place even after you leave Virgin Media? That's what the O2 website indicates & I'm about to leave VM, currently getting 60Gb instead of 30Gb
    KodaBear's avatar
    I can confirm the other way around. I had an o2 contract that I abandoned half way through as the service was so bad. After leaving o2 I still kept my Volt speed boost on Virgin Media home broadband.

    I would assume that it works the same in your case too. You can probably keep your Volt double data until you end, change or update your current contract plan with o2 after leaving Virgin. But I can't say for sure.
  12. hal2play's avatar
    Worst network ever for coverage and data speeds. There’s a reasons they keep offering deals - everyone is leaving!
  13. ok11's avatar
    Virgin: “We’re the worst network in the UK”
    O2: “Hold my beer..”
    Shuggles's avatar
    and then they merged and lived happily ever after
  14. stuartbaker80's avatar
    Great price, shame O2 coverage in the south west is appalling.
    That-_-Guy's avatar
    Any chance youd recommend a mobile operator semi decent down here? O2 says I get 4g but I live literally on the top off a hill and barely get 1 bar.
  15. patrykzacharczuk's avatar
    Rubbish signal and broadband speed
  16. Jeimu3u's avatar
    O2 has been the worst network I've used in recent times. I've switched to 1pMobile now and EEs signal is second to none. Don't bother with O2 unless you know for a fact they are the best in your area. Massively over subbed in most locations.
  17. iain_87's avatar
    Connection is the worse ever. I've been looking for a new deal from anyone else but 02 as i can't bare how bad 02 are.
  18. xanoas's avatar
    Horrible network, don't make the mistake of getting sucked in with cheap prices, they are worse than Three.
  19. letsgettaco_'s avatar
    So if I'm an existing customer and I'm out of contract and add this to my account. Will I just be paying £10 a month or do I have to cancel my old tariff?
    Random1234's avatar
    If you follow the instructions in the OP, you should be able to switch to this tariff without cancelling your old tariff
  20. MDL199's avatar
    O2's network is totally over congested in many areas of the UK and their customer service is horrific. I'd not go near them.with a barge poll
  21. MBCH's avatar
    So, will the best time to get a new o2 SIMO deal be in April, once the price increase has taken place on my current o2 tariff? Thanks for info in advance
    keefly's avatar
    I was going to ask this too. I joined O2 on December 01st, my £8 monthly tariff rises by something like 14% in April (April 01st in my case) so I presume I should look out for another £8 deal in April/May & switch my existing contract to it? Plus I'd get another 3 months of Amazon Prime for free?

    How are O2 making money? I get waaay more than £8 in free stuff every month via O2 Priority!
  22. mrgentry's avatar
    Awful network speeds in Portsmouth/port Solent. Good at my last address. Daytime speeds 2mbps 3am 75mbps.

    Plus you get free cinema tickets, coffee, food etc. (edited)
  23. TheManWhoLikesABargain's avatar
    Moved from o2 to EE on Black Friday. All I can say is that I will never go with o2 again. Absolutely shocking network. EE is miles miles better. No point having a deal if you can’t even use the network. No slant on the poster of the deal but o2 is truly shocking. I’m Preston area btw for anyone thinking of swapping in that area (edited)
  24. sdduk's avatar
    Feel sorry for the virgin customers going over to O2 they are going to struggle to get a descent signal because most parts of the UK O2 signal is C**p
    where i live in Essex its really bad i know because i have a Pay&Go O2 sim in one of my Phones and been with them about 15yrs i use it for when i am signing up for something and don't want to use my normal EE number.
    Like i said its Pay&Go and still on the old 321p tariff that's one reason i keep it also have a good number on it.
  25. Halfang's avatar
    I'm on a £8pm with o2 with a ridiculous amount of data (20gb? 40?)
    I just don't need any more
    laccc's avatar
    same, just expired the contract but I keep it
  26. Bailey5501's avatar
    O2 been with them for the past 12 months, awful connection and that’s being used around two cities, was with them 5 years ago thought they might improved, and any incentive for half okay coffee at Nero is now gone. Moving to lebara
    ibbster911's avatar
    I’m with Lebara and have been for over a year . Managed to get an iphone 14 on the 3 network total cost around £570 with 100gb of data . Tried the 3 sim and only getting 3G in my area.
    Sent back the phone and sim and going back to Lebara there awesome
  27. binny165's avatar
    The worse network in Lancashire rather have 3 than O2
  28. seezyf's avatar
    Unusable in central Birmingham. Mast has been down for 6 months. Joke of a network
  29. N898TS's avatar

    Great deal - thanks! Volt too so 80gb...
  30. Purist's avatar
    Looks like this may have expired but managed to get 50GB for £10 for my sister although it’s £12 on uSwitch - The lady on the phone was kind enough to apply £2 discount.
    Xenu_Jahbulon's avatar
    looks like it's still available to me?

    40GB data
    Unlimited texts Unlimited minutes 12 months contract

    is what I see.
  31. wakeeleffendi's avatar
    Never ever sign O2 contract. Its a real Scammer in the market now a days...
  32. Ashish_Gargqal's avatar
    Virgin Media: O2, hold my hand I will save you
    O2: Do you really got hands
  33. sully01's avatar
  34. superthomo's avatar
    can't you go through quidco first on uswitch and get another £12 /£21 off ?
    koolishy67's avatar
    Same not showing this deal on uswitch
  35. Skewen's avatar
    I’ve tried a few times recently to change tariff when these deals come up (as per OP instructions) Whenever I go through and login I always get “somethings gone wrong”. Live chat won’t match deal, any ideas?
  36. adamnsu's avatar
    I have an iPhone XR, will this sim work in my phone?
    KodaBear's avatar
    Yes, as long as 1) The phone isn't locked to another network (Unlikely at that device's age) and 2) you can actually get service from o2 who are terribly congested in most areas these days.
  37. Ts1899's avatar
    Any better deals with other networks any advise for 5g in the north east
    KodaBear's avatar
    How much data do you actually want? That would be a big thing to take into account here. Also where specifically in the North East do you spend most of your time? There's a pretty big variation across the region for which network performs best in different areas.
  38. mrgentry's avatar
    I got my contract last Feb and it went up by 11% on the next increase. If you switch again is there a penalty?
  39. rdzfce's avatar
    Not going to lie - I have recently switched to a virgin sim, on O2. The signal and speeds are genuinely shocking. Transferring out to a Talkmobile deal. Obviously, it’s all area dependant but even central London o2 has been struggling. Gone downhill in my opinion
  40. masta20's avatar
    Great deal - just switched onto this & saved myself £16 straight off the bat……..and that’s without the Volt & the Airtime Rewards taken into account!

    Much obliged!
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