o2 8Mb Broadband + 400 Texts + 200 Minutes just £22.50/month!

o2 8Mb Broadband + 400 Texts + 200 Minutes just £22.50/month!

Found 9th Oct 2007
o2 launch their broadband service on 15 October, priced at £17.50/month. However, if you bundle it with an o2 contract you save £10/month! o2 are currently offering a £15/month contract with 400 texts and 200 minutes included (no phone) which is a great deal by itself - just transfer the new sim over to your current phone. Total price = £22.50 for 8mb broadband, 400 texts and 200 minutes. 16mb and 20mb are also available.


For £22.50, it will be 200 minutes and a broadband. It is actually a bad deal. Lots of network is offering free texts any way.:roll:

looks good, but nobody knows how good service they can provide as they've never done broadband service b4... they probably have hidden T&C as well.

£22.50 looks good deal to me at least.

They've bought Be a while ago who are one of the best ISPs around at the moment and I would imagine will be using their network, I'd expect some teething problems iniitally depending on how many join though

I have a feeling that the broadband will come through Be, seeing as O2 have owned them now for about 12 months. I've been with Be since the out and have never had any real issues, some down time but you get that with whoever you use and it is very minimal.

As for the mobile deal, each to their own. Personally I'm with O2, but am happy with the deal that I get so won't be looking to change.

To clarify:

This is a £15/month contract with the extra £7.50 paying for the 02 Broadband 8mbit option.

What O2 have yet to specify is whether you need a 12month contract or 18month contract to qualify for the O2 Broadband £10/month discount (O2BB 8mbit is normally £17.50/month) all details are to be revealed on October 15th, adslguide and ispreview forums will have more info too.

Also if your exchange does not have "Be LLU" you cannot get O2 Broadband check ]http//ww…php to find out if you can.

This is a good deal if you want to avoid cashbacks, are a low user and want a cheap tariff, otherwise for those more organised it's far superior option to go for O2 cashback contract then getting/qualifying for subsidised O2BB.

Moving to O2BB from another ISP will be easy and penalty free so long as you are not inside a contractual period on your Broadband contract, just ask the ISP for a MAC code which they must provide within 5 working days and you'll be able to give it to O2BB to migrate over to their ISP service.

O2BB 16mbit is £22/month (£12/m for those with O2 contract)
O2BB 20mbit is £25/month (£15/m for those with O2 contract)

Hmm, only 281 metres from the exchange - can anyone beat?


Hmm, only 281 metres from the exchange - can anyone beat?

I was about to say you could be trunked to another exchange despite being close to your close one, but that database is more accurate these days. Chances are you have a 500m-800m trunked line meaning assuming no interference 22-24mbit sync on a 24mbit ADSL2 service should be easily possible.

why the title changed to expired?


Hmm, only 281 metres from the exchange - can anyone beat?

Nearly, but not quite, 365 meters from my exchange
You must have it on your door step lol
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