O2 All Rounder (Broadband, Telephone line and Unlimited UK calls) £13.50 @ O2
O2 All Rounder (Broadband, Telephone line and Unlimited UK calls) £13.50 @ O2

O2 All Rounder (Broadband, Telephone line and Unlimited UK calls) £13.50 @ O2

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I just got from O2, 12Mb Broadband, homeline rental and unlimited UK calls for £13.50 per month. Basically you get the broadband free. The catch. You are limited to a 100Gb per month download and thats it. Plus you get a new N Router which is good.

Contract subject to 12months connection. I got this from the retentions department after I cancelled my broadband.


so you were with 02 to begin with? Are you in an unbundled area?

I've voted hot but this isn't really a deal is it? I wouldn't have minded this as I've had good service from O2.

Do you have to be a mobile customer to get this price? Does this include the £5 discount?

100Gb? is it enough?

yes, it includes the fiver discount, and I've just left, despite being offered this deal.
I signed up for it, moving from the old legacy packages, but the day, the VERY DAY it went live, I got a letter through the door saying they were putting the price up 25%... might only be 2.50, but it's the principal... they get me in, then up the price... I'm off to inifinty, at least I might get better than 2 meg on that.

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I was with O2 just for their broadband. I got discount as I had mobile with them also. I cancelled my contract with them as I was going to go to sky. Then when I cancelled they offered me this deal. I have 28 days from it going live to leave them if I dont like it. 100Gb is a good chunk of data to get through.....


100Gb? is it enough?

Depends if you download video via Fileserve/Filesonic etc.
But then again if you are with o2, it is getting nearly impossible to download form any file hosts, and o2 have no interest in fixing the situation.
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