O2 Customers - Cheap roaming calls while abroad !
O2 Customers - Cheap roaming calls while abroad !

O2 Customers - Cheap roaming calls while abroad !

For cheap, flat rate calls whilst roaming in Europe, call 2266 from your O2 handset (Free Call).

The service is also free, but will give you 35p min calls back to the UK when roaming

Forgot to ad, service is called "MY Europe"
- ChrisUK


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Standard rates are:

Calls from Europe - back to UK = 85p min (50p/min saving or 60%)

Recieving a call from the UK = 94p min (59p/min saving or 63%)

I did this during holiday earlier but left my normal mobile off, after e-mailing them the number, people were forced to call my spanish movistar pay as you go sim which was £9.99 each off ebay and came with €36 on each sim since I didn't want to pay for people calling me, inconvienence for them but cheaper ultimately and meant they only called me if they had to.

It was very much worth it considering how much me and other half used em.

Looks like a good deal, pity I missed it when I was in greece this summer. Looking at the T&C it seems it has expired?

"The My Europe Summer Promotion will run from July 13th 2006 until September 30th 2006 (the "Promotional Period"). Any calls made or received while in any Included Country after this date will be charged at standard roaming rates. "

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It has been extended mate - it's just the website that hasn't been updated !!

PS - I know

europe only? won't work for me then (I'm in australia for 2 months!) :-(

ChrisUK...what part of o2 are you from?

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europe only?

Yea mate - Europe only

If you want to use your phone outside of Europe, phone up O2 & ask for ITS. It's acouple of quid per month, but cheaper roamed calls (you can add it, go away, come back & cancel it if you wanted)


ChrisUK...what part of o2 are you from?

Why do you want to know that ?

Cheers for the advice but I'm only in Oz for 2 months so will just use skype to phone the UK. Can't be bothered to do anything even vaguely complicated with O2!

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Always worth ringing the above number anyway as it's free to phone & free to set-up !!

no particular reason, work for o2 too....do you use open voice ?

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k - no mate, I dont work on the CS side of things.......

everyone has access to OV

I work PT in retail

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Aint got a clue what it is then lol
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