O2 HTC Smart only £94.99 Delivered @ Comet

O2 HTC Smart only £94.99 Delivered @ Comet

Found 15th Jul 2010
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Looks like a good price, it is quite cheap elsewhere but this is the cheapest.

''The HTC Smart is at your service, be it for your productive side or your playful side. HTC Smart comes with Scenes-different phone configurations that reflect different moods in your daily self. There's a mode for your busy weekdays, filling your home screen with panels that help you ease on through your workdays with apps like email, calendar and the web browser. There's a mode for relaxing (or not!) weekends, which brings fun to the forefront with music, camera, and photo album panels. There's even a scene that you can personalize to fit your unique style and daily needs.''


If it had Wifi I would have purchased for the wife.

Can't believe they made this SMARTphone without Wi-Fi.

worthless without Wi fi

more like HTC Dumb

just me perhaps, but I'd stump up a few extra pounds for a low end android phone rather than get something like this. e.g. the pulse/pulse mini are around this price I think?
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