O2 Mobile Broadband - Now £15/month on 18 month contract - plus £45 Quidco
O2 Mobile Broadband - Now £15/month on 18 month contract - plus £45 Quidco

O2 Mobile Broadband - Now £15/month on 18 month contract - plus £45 Quidco

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Not sure if this is really a 'Hot Deal', but I think it's worth posting the fact that O2 have reduced their mobile broadband price from £20 to £15 per month.

This is for an 18 month contract, with 3 Gigs per month and no setup cost or charge for modem. £45 Quidco brings this to £12.50/month overall.

Now this isn't the cheapest deal out there, but with O2's excellent customer service and a 50 day 'trial period' it surely represents good value. The trial period is long enough to really get a feel of how well it works for you as you go about your life.

I also reckon that for a light user with good coverage at home, this *could* replace your 'normal' broadband. It would clearly be no good for iPlayer nuts and download freaks, but if you just do surfing and email then 3 Gigs is probably enough.

It's worth noting that the 24 month contract is also £15/month for exactly the same service. I called O2 about this and they agreed that this was mad. DO NOT sign up for 24 months.........(This might even be a mis-price, which means the deal might not last long. Snap it up today and cancel if you need to would be my advice)


Buy O2 Mobile Broadband for £15 a month and save £2.50 a month on O2 home broadband

From the T's & C's:
>Usage above specific monthly tariff data allowance is charged at 20p per MB
So 1 extra GB if you don't keep track of your usage would cost you £200, sounds like an easy way to lose a lot of money very fast. No thanks

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Well it goes without saying that anyone using mobile broadband will keep an eye on their usage.

It also goes without saying that other providers also charge similar amounts for going over the limit.


3 mobile broadband is only 5 a month though. voted cold.
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