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Posted 25 August 2022

Merlin Annual pass £69 (Selected Accounts) at O2 Priority

£69£8922% off
Shared by Ankur26
Joined in 2019

About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Offer for O2 priority account holders, deal will expire on 2nd Oct and Pass is annual

Get discount on Annual Merlin pass for 4 people per account , valid until 2nd Oct 2022

Save £20 on discovery pass
Save £34 on silver pass
Save £44 on Gold pass
Save £54 on platinum pass

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URL to redeem appears to be:


If someone gives you a code and you don’t have O2 Prioirty.
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  1. Avatar
    I have this if anyone wants to use, 4 contracts with 02 so 4 possible codes

    I don’t mind if you wish to swap with anything either Upto you if you wish to give anything in return or take free
    I have a excellent baby 👶 cot to exchange
  2. Avatar
    Can't use them in school holidays so no point you will have to buy silver or gold passes for holidays
    You can use Discovery pass on some school holidays September 1,2 & 5.
    August is in any case too busy Merlin attractions - just a waste of time spend whole day queueing & getting on 6-8 rides, better off going off peak.
  3. Avatar
    Annual pass that is only 2 months?
    Pass is annual, discount offer expiry 2 months
  4. Avatar
    @Ankur26 Hi, I've never had one of these, how does it work? For a family of 4, would I need to buy a separate pass for each of us? (edited)

    Replying to

    Okay, cheers for getting back to me
  5. Avatar
    Hi All

    Feel free to DM me for a code in exchange for a coffee… the code is valid for upto four passes.
  6. Avatar
    Go for gold. Very few excluded dates, free parking, discounts on food etc if you can visit 3 places you have made your money back
  7. Avatar
    This is the usual price for bluelight holders to save anyone rushing into it

    Replying to

    Very good to know
  8. Avatar
    Heat added
  9. Avatar
    Anyway to know the 2023 Discovery pass calendar?
    Click on the link showing the off peak calendar that is on the merlin page
  10. Avatar
    I've got these, happy to do any good exchange. Pls PM me
  11. Avatar
    I also have a code that I won’t use. Happy to offer out to anyone
    Hi, I’m not able to PM you but it would be really appreciated if I could use your spare code, could you try messaging me instead? Thanks!
  12. Avatar
    If anyone could share a code with me that would be amazing
    Sent you mine, enjoy the queues
  13. Avatar
    Same offer is always on BLC if you don’t have O2 Priority
    What’s BLC? Thanks
  14. Avatar
    I'd like a code too if someone can be so kind to share
    Did you get one?
  15. Avatar
    If anyone has a code they’re not planning to use it’d be greatly appreciated if someone could PM me.
  16. Avatar
    I'm sure these are trumped up prices even with the discount. The platinum pass is £245!
  17. Avatar
    I'd really appreciate a code if anyone has a spare? Thanks so much
  18. Avatar
    If anyone has a spare code, I would be very grateful. Thank you 🙏🏻
  19. Avatar
    So is the pass valid next year or does it run out at the end of the season?
    Valid for one year from the day it is bought
  20. Avatar
  21. Avatar
    Anonymous User
    If anyone has a spare code that they wont be using I would greatly aplreciate if they couls PM me the code. Thanks
  22. Avatar
    O2U15000141397901 to be used today (Sunday)
  23. Avatar

    It is still valid but o2 app is doing this since yesterday (edited)
    Offer is still available, checked yesterday
  24. Avatar
    A swap for my code for anything decent is available.
  25. Avatar
    Hi, can I desperately ask anybody for a spare code. My kid's birthday is on the 19th Sept so all the venues has been pretty much cancelled. I am going to get 2x Merlin Pass to take him on the Sunday to make up for it. Can you PM me with code please?
  26. Avatar
    Hello guys. has anyone some codes to spare?

    Thanks in advance 
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