O2 refund when switching or ending contract

O2 refund when switching or ending contract

Found 14th Dec 2016
I switched from O2 to another provider over 6 months ago and on a hunch logged back into my account to find that my account and my other halves were both in credit with O2.

It appears O2 don't automatically refund your account if you credit when you switch or end your account (or at least didn't in my case) but there is a page where you can request a refund. As the "churn rate" for O2 is pretty low at apparently 1% for contract customers this year it still means that around 150,000 people could be owed some money so if you were with O2, log back into their O2 site to check and if you are in credit after leaving get a refund using the link.

In my case it was £14 & £8 for the two accounts. Every little helps.

Merry Christmas.

myO2 - o2.co.uk/myo2
refund link - o2.co.uk/app…=34
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you'll find similar it true when switching gas \ electric \ other utlity bills too . Even my credit card company was holding onto a refund 6 months after I closed the account. you would have thought they would send it to you rather than wait and hope you dont notice.
I didn't know you could switch during your contract?

I didn't know you could switch during your contract?

Me neither!? Doh!
Just checked my old o2 account and it's on -£5.08. Thanks OP!
I've always struggled to end an O2 refresh contract.

They always mess up somehow leaving me chasing a refund.

Last time it went through their remediation team to decide if I got any money back - it was their bloody fault.

Never again.
Just did this, got £10 back I didn't even realise I had on the account. Thanks!
How can you switch your account if your id contract
£4 coming back. Thanks op

That poor department is getting their Christmas ruined as they will have hundreds more requests than usual in the morning lol
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How can you switch your account if your id contract

Not sure why you and a couple of the others are asking about switching in contract as I never said you could (but if you want to, check your t&c) - at the end of your contract you can carry on with the current one, switch to another provider or simply stop your account giving notice. O2 though don't give refunds automatically so if you pay for a months rental and only use half of it they appear to hold the rest until you ask for iit.
Details on what I posted can be found in the T&C listed below in section 8.5 under the Ending the agreement section.

£11.72 - Thanks!
Thanks op!
plus you always pay a month in advance. remember getting a brand new shiney phone then bam within a week a bill comes through which is normally the highest as it consists of airtime for the remainder of the first month plus the next months air time. i always get my "deposit" back when the contract is up.
£17.54 - Great tip thanks!.......to the pub GOOOOOOOO!
£18.83 thanks OP
There must be millions of pounds in closed accounts across the country. I have just switched energy supplier and am getting around £400 back that I've overpaid (I would have chased this anyway).
Worth a go, heat added
-£17.56 requested as a refund, thank OP
I received my final bill from 02 on 25/11/16 to say my closed account was in credit (I switched from a Business account to a personal one). This post prompted me to chase up what had happened to my credit and it will NOW be processed within 10 working days. Poor practice from 02, but thanks to the OP for prompting me
This is usually when you cancel within 30 days of paying your bill - as you pay a month in advance
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