O2 retentions
O2 retentions

O2 retentions

I just wanted to make people aware if they are approaching an upgrade from O2 to try calling O2 retentions. Last year I was offered the Discount 500 tariff, 500 x-net minutes for £25p/m on a 12 month contract. I was also given the Sony Ericsson K750i.

I called them again today (my upgrade is due). I was offered a choice of new phones, 400 mins anytime any network, 300 texts for £17.50 per month, on a 12 month contract.

Plus for 6 months I get to have free calls (not from my minutes) every Sat, Sun and Mon !!

There are others who have been offered better deals too.

Call them free 08000288151. As long as you say you have looked at other networks with better tariffs.


thanks but too late for me
i upgraded 1 month ago.. xda mini s + 500mins&200msgs for £35 per month... and for the xda i paid £80

Wouldn't it be cheaper to get a new contract via some of the cashback deals online?

yes but I wanted to stick with O2 and keep my number... so there wasn't another way

I currently pay £30/month for 400 mins and 1000 texts, plus got a new phone.

I'm also on a 'deal' with themobileoutlet.co.uk, which gave me a phone on 3, with 400 mins and 500 texts, £35/month but 100% cashback at the end..

Put it this way, if O2 don't reduce my plan by making it 1/2 price to what I pay now, I'm just going to go for another 100% cashback deal like my second contract. I've had a look at carphonewarehouse and according to them, porting over numbers is easy peasy. In any case, paying £30 x 12 just to keep the same number is ridiculous..

Here's hoping O2 lower my price significantly in September, else I know where to go for a good cashback deal ;-)

Going to try this now - currently trying to wangle some cheap Sky TV!

Just phoned up to try this one but didn't get very far. Talked me out of the phone I wanted and offered me nothing extra. Thinking about changing to 3, has anyone had any dealings with them? Are they OK? Many thanks

Not sure on 3, but i went with T-Mobile. I pay £35 a month and i get £200 worth of usage, calls or texts. Haven't gone over that yet and i use it alot

Thanks for this Viz, I have rang them today but the computer system is down so I have to ring back later, hopefully they will offer me something similar :-) - Voted

Threaten to leave if you don't get the deal you want. I stuck out and got 200 anytime xnet mins, 500 txt's a new phone all for £15p/m

I did the same before getting my K750i free with cashback with mobileoutlet. The O2 guy got quite angry with me when all his offers for a better deal were rejected. They will push hard to keep customers but they weren't going to give me a free phone and xnet 200mins for free.

Obviously the cashback may not be full proof but last years phone has paid off.

Well I rang them again & the site is still down, however he did say that they will be happy to offer me something similar.....so keeping my fingers crossed I will call them again later today.

Should then have my new phone on Monday or Tuesday.

Just need to find a new contract now for my son!

When I worked at Carphone Warehouse we used to provide the billing for o2 customers, I used to always ring CPW retentions and get the customer an even better upgrade deal even though they were happy just to upgrade!

Excellent post. I just secured 500 anytime, any network minutes and 500 texts for £20 a month plus a free k610i.

Got my contract renewed today too!!

Was offered the 12-month contract, online 200 tariff (200 mins, 500 texts) for half price (£15 per month), and a free phone.

The best out of the lot was the nokia 6233, so I chose that. I asked for the W800i, but no luck, and they wouldn't even throw in a bluetooth headset for free.

If anyone gets a better deal, tell me, and I'll call them up to push for that! :lol:

When I first phoned them they wern't very helpful and I ended up with a SE K610i. I returned it then phoned them back and said I was going to 3 network because I wanted the Nokia N80, they then gave me 400 mins + 100 texts (I think) and the N80 so I was quite happy

I had to work hard to cancel my contract, sales guy wouldnt have it, he offered me 500 xnet mins and 500 txts for £20 a month + extra £100 cashback - grand total £11.67 a month. But it just isnt as good as free, tried very hard to put me off cashback deals.

I was called by some O2 guy about a month before my contract ran out and I told him I wasn't going to renew my contract and he said okay and hung up, no hard sell, nothing


sounds like you just dialled the wrong number !
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