O2 Shop - Great deals in our January Sale

O2 Shop - Great deals in our January Sale

Found 11th Jan 2007
Free Sony Ericsson K800i with free cinema for a year

* Free 512MB memory card worth £39.99
* 3.2 megapixel camera
* 600 mins plus 1000 texts for £35/month

plus free calls every sat, sun, mon

plus quidco £35 for Pay Monthly (Contract) (single commission per order basis)


same phone and details as above on pay and go 199.99

Not bad if your after this phone unlocked:thumbsup:

very nice deal, voted hot :thumbsup:

Can't seem to find anywhere that states exactly what 'with free cinema for a year' actually includes? i.e. one ticket every couple of months etc Otherwise I'd go every night :-D Anyone have any ideas?

Plus, does anyone know of any better deals for this phone on O2 payg? Seems like the best I can find!

Cheers :thumbsup:

Normally when everything is free for a year it is once a week. For example if you enter a competition to win wine for a year they will generally give you 52 bottles, one for every week of the year.

Not sure if this is the rule here though.

Its 1 ticket each month:thumbsup:

Cool, thanks for the feedback, seems like an increasingly impressive deal! :thumbsup:

You wont get better deal for unlocked phone I dont think at mo, cos these phones are unlocked

what cinema?



what cinema?

LMAO - Says on the screen of the phone!
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