Unfortunately, this deal has expired 28 November 2022.
Posted 28 September 2022

O2 SIM New & Existing Customer - 30GB (60GB with Volt), Unltd Min/Txt, 3 months Disney+, EU Roaming - £10 p/m 12 Mths £120 @ Uswitch / O2

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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Great deal if you are an existing customer and you want additonal SIM only plan for your family members or reduce the RPI increase of your existing SIM!

If you go to uswitch via Topcashback, you may get £11.55 cashback (Premium members)

If you are an existing O2 pay monthly customer, 30GB (60GB with Volt) for £10 deal is available with 20% multisave discount Multisave | Plans & Tariffs | O2 bringing down price for this deal to £8. Text LOYALTY to 21500 from your new number, within 28 days.



New Customer:

Data: 30GB 5G (*60GB if you have Virgin Broadband)
Minutes: Unlimited
Texts: Unlimited
Contract Length: 12 months
Monthly cost: £10
Total Cost for the contract: £120
Features: Free 3 months Disney+, up to 3 months Apple Music, **O2 Priority benefits
Roaming: Free EU Roaming included Roaming in Europe. Roaming Limit of 25GB applies

*If you qualify for VOLT benefit, you will get Free upgrade of existing Virgin Media broadband Speed to next available Tier and Double data ( 60 GB 5G data) for your SIM

**O2 priority benefits examples: Free hot drinks from Greggs, Free Greggs sausage rolls and other bakes , free drinks at selected pubs, Free Cinema Tickets at Odeon etc All offers and prize draws - Priority

Existing Customer

Everything mentioned above for the new customer plus the following benefits:

  • If the price for your previous SIM only deal increased due to RPI, you can take this deal as an existing customer and bring the cost back to £10 and probably get more data
  • 20% multisave discount Multisave | Plans & Tariffs | O2 bringing down price for this deal to £8. Text LOYALTY to 21500 from your new number, within 28 days.

Just click on Get Deal , go through the checkout and choose upgrade existing number and login to your O2 account


Volt Benefit is Available

How to activate volt?

  • Once you get you SIM and have O2 account, download the O2 app
  • You should see a banner "Supercharge your World with Volt"
  • Select "See what you can get" and it will give you option to activate the volt ( If not, please call O2 customer Service)


  • From 12 April 2022, O2 introduced 'premise matching', meaning you’ll just need to have the same address on both your O2 and Virgin Media broadband accounts to be eligible for VOLT benefits.
  • Virgin Media broadband speed boost to the next available level (if customers don’t take or already have the fastest  Virgin Media speeds available to them in their area at the point they place their order to become supercharged with Volt);
  • Intelligent WiFi Plus at no extra cost (if a customer finds any WiFi blackspots in their home and then choose to take Intelligent WiFi Plus as an optional add-on from Virgin Media, subject to stock availability);
  • Double the O2 mobile data for each eligible O2 Pay Monthly Mobile SIMS in the Virgin Media account holder’s name in their household (if they don’t take or already have unlimited O2 mobile data);
  • O2 Travel Inclusive Zone so customers can roam in 75 destinations;
  • Existing eligible customers must place order to unlock Volt benefits via My O2. Check Virgin Media broadband speeds availability
Uswitch More details at Uswitch

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  1. peter1969uk's avatar
    All these offers are great, if only the network was any good. One of the worst networks for the UK, slow speeds and poor coverage. That doesn't improve when you use it abroad either.
    diddytitz's avatar
    Best to do network coverage. Also my friend lives in a solid all house and his reception is very poor. Where i stay its plasterboard walls and i get a great reception
  2. Mohsin_Shakeel's avatar
    I'm on 500mb will I move to gigabit connection since that's the next package up for virgin media and I'll still be paying the same price??
    amkhan's avatar
    Exactly what I did, no issues.
  3. flapmio's avatar
    48325163-b6Syz.jpgFYI: (edited)
  4. FlyingLlama's avatar
    Does anybody know, usually how long volt takes to become active? It's the only reason I got the sim
    Arranx's avatar
    14 Days !
  5. grubz10's avatar
    Terrible network, data is slow and non existent sometimes.
  6. Cavs's avatar
    Their signal just takes too long to establish. Also patchy
  7. Goldstino's avatar
    Awful speed and signals. Even if the signal strength, all bars are there, speed is zero. Roaming in spain is great though
  8. diddytitz's avatar
    Have tesco sim and o2 sim. Tesco sim works better. Better 4g on the same phone. How the hell does that work?
  9. kaviorsky's avatar
    My partner got other deal few months ago , reception is so poor as she’s looking for something else.
    AllEyes's avatar
    Same here...cannot wait to switch! I moved on from EE to O2 and it's pathetic outside cities.
  10. alexnnnu's avatar
    Agree with everyone else, decent deal money wise but you’ll find reception to be awful. I’ve already got an extra sim from a different provider to be able to use data around Manchester.

    Funnily enough the service on a recent holidays in Spain was great with O2 Roaming which points to their pathetic infrastructure in the UK.
  11. flapmio's avatar
    I don't understand the network issues with O2. I did my research and both O2 & Voda use mid to low frequencies whereas EE use the higher frequencies. Lower frequencies are better at going through walls etc whereas higher are not.
    When I was on EE & Three whenever I walked into my local Tescos or Asda I would have no signal. Now with O2 & Voda have signal everywhere, even if it's 1 bar. Better than no bars.
  12. TheManWhoLikesABargain's avatar
    Still waiting for a good EE deal. I can’t wait to jump ship. Whilst the prices are great I’d rather pay more and have better signal and coverage. O2 is woeful in Preston area
  13. diddytitz's avatar
    if i upgrade my tariff do they double virgin media again? ? (edited)
  14. kris1234's avatar
    Changed my tariff and they removed volt . Now my virgin media broadband is much slower
    Mohsin_Shakeel's avatar
    Does the volt thingy happen automatically? Virgin media customer service is trash and I can't be asked wasting 40 mins arguing with them .
  15. simba2585's avatar
    Does the 20% loyalty discount only work if the accounts are in the same name rather than registered to the same household? (edited)
    kris1234's avatar
    same name only
  16. flapmio's avatar
    EDIT: From the o2 multi-save site this deal is not on there. The deal you posted is from Uswitch. Is this dealpackage eligible for the loyalty discount?

    Is this for all o2 customers. Can I add a number for a family number and port their existing number over? (edited)
  17. FlyingLlama's avatar
    Can anybody confirm this works, live chat tell me o2 sims via uswitch don't include volt benefits.
    graham_snelson's avatar
    they worked for me, iv'e switched twice using this method and volt is unchanged
  18. stelthegooner's avatar
    had this last time it was posted....still waiting for my volt benefit and the data signal is awful , you get nothing on 3g ,have 10 months left and i will be looking elsewhere
  19. pokemon2's avatar
    Is this a good deal, as £15 for 30gb, but it is international roaming and 6mths free disney channel ......
    People join O2 for good value roaming as others providers charge for roaming by days.
  20. FlyingLlama's avatar
    Arranx's avatar
    It takes 14 days for them to apply. Save yourself the time & hassle, as long as the address matches you'll be good
  21. simba2585's avatar
    I had to chase up customer services to get my volt benefit applied. Spoke to live chat this morning (via the website not the app messaging) and it was done within the hour. Already had the sim a week and didn't want to wait the 14 days.

    The bonus is I have a full 40gb allowance now rather than minus what was used lol
  22. meridiusuk's avatar
    I moved from three 3 years ago not because of there signal but because of the slow speeds with a good signal. Moved to 02 and now find there just as bad. Full 4g and under 1mb per sec in alot of locations.

    That only leaves ee and voda

    I am sick of rubbish services when I need to use data and they seem to be all just rubbish.

    Not sure if it’s better going a dual sim route and use two providers on two cheap as poss tariffs as it’s getting beyond a joke now.

    Don’t know how a iPhone handles change if data to use different providers if you can just use a button take to switch between at that time.
's avatar