O2 travel Unlimited* roaming data abroad for £1.99 a day

O2 travel Unlimited* roaming data abroad for £1.99 a day

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Found 17th Jun 2014
I thought O2 pay monthly customers might be interested. I've been refered to this as travelling to Italy soon:

O2 website
All the data you need in Europe for £1.99 a day

Whatever you get up to on the continent, you'll pay just £1.99 for the days you use data with O2 Travel. No catch. No scary bill to keep you awake at night.*

To help us give you the right information, choose the type of service you have with O2:

+Pay Monthly+Pay & Go+Business
* There's no upper limit on Pay Monthly, but traffic management steps apply. If you’re on Pay and Go, there's a daily usage allowance of 50MB. If you reach this you can simply reset your daily allowance by text for £1.99.

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basically, 1.99GBP for 50 MB per day. Why not buy a local SIM instead or use three mobile.
is this unlimited data in europe for £2 a day if on contract? If so, seems like a good deal for me - at least until three include the whole of europe in their feel at home.
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O2 said its unlimited for Pay monthly customers (FUP applies, after 100MB they will reduce the speed, depending on local data traffic, but not stop).
Pay&Go customers will receive 50MB a day.
good luck being conned with roaming calls and texts as there is no capping
I get similar deal with Vodafone. £2 a day and I can use my contract allowance. If I choose not to use it for certain days I don't get charged.
You have to opt in though which was easy enough.
Three have their 'Feel At Home' which lets you use your inclusive calls/texts/minutes in Italy (and 10 other countries, +5 more from July) at no extra cost. You have to have it for a month or two before you go though (depending on SIM only/contract etc) but it worked a treat for me and the wife when we were in Florence a couple of months ago. It's not for everyone, as their coverage in the UK can be questionable, but if you're in a decent Three area it's worth a look.
I recently used this on a trip to France. I got it explained to me when I was on the O2 site chatting live to a operator.
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O2 T&C:
There's no fixed data allowance with O2 Travel, but we'll slow down the service if you reach an assumed fair usage amount in order to manage traffic on the network. This will be more than 100MB of general data or more than 50MB of streamed video or audio data (the "assumed fair usage amounts") in a day . Audio and video streaming are available with O2 Travel but the quality of the audio/video will be optimised for a mobile device. The speed available for file transfer, online gaming, peer to peer downloads and network back-up services is restricted and may not work with O2 Travel. You can view our traffic management policy here.
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O2 Travel provides you with daily data to use in the country you're in. If you travel to another country in the selected destinations in the same UK day you'll continue to use the same allocation of daily data for that 24 hour period for that next country.
Any unused assumed fair usage amount will not carry over to the following day.

basically, 1.99GBP for 50 MB per day. Why not buy a local SIM instead or … basically, 1.99GBP for 50 MB per day. Why not buy a local SIM instead or use three mobile.

why does it say unlimited when it is 50MB?
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Thats the marketing thing. The good thing is 100MB is 4x more than 25MB last year and even after you use 100MB you will still be able to access internet which will be according to o2 advisor reasonable fast.
I understand this deal may not seem good to everyone but I feel that especially Pay monthly customers been given a good deal for £1.99.
Use Three instead!
This site is very frustrating!!
Yes, I am sure there are many better deals for data abroad however as the OP stated; for current O2 pay monthly customers simply texting 'O2TRAVEL' to 23336 will switch your tariff from 15MB per day for £1.99 to unlimited data per day for £1.99.
All at no extra cost.

So the deal is - if you're on O2 send a text message and get unlimited data instead of the standard 15MB.

Fantastic deal.

Hello, I know this post is expired, but I'm going to Spain on Tuesday, I … Hello, I know this post is expired, but I'm going to Spain on Tuesday, I spoke to an advisor today they said 15mb. They failed to mention the unlimited data you statted above?

Did you go to the website


its all explained there, and Spain is included
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