o2 treats!!

o2 treats!!

Found 16th Mar 2007
for those who don't know and own a o2 pay monthly phone, then you can get a treat each month on your phone for FREE!!

o2 may have already told you about this, but if not then you can ring 2211 for FREE on your mobile and go thru the options of which treat you want, they change each month, but they give you either a number of free texts per month eg: 22 or free minutes per month ie: 22mins etc, so its worth it just incase you think you may go over your phone bill each month. it saves a few pounds.


thx I didnt know about these

Apparantly you only receive the treats once you are at least 6 months into your contract according to the letter I received from O2 yesterday

You have to be a "Customer" for at least 6 months (Contract or PAYG) - hence the TV advert - "Same deals as new customers.........plus that little something extra....."

You get an option of mins/texts/GPRS - depending on your contract

I have been with 02 contract phone for about 3 years now, but upgrade at allotted intervals, does that mean I am eligible now or do I have to wait until I have had my current handset 6 months?

only one way to find out...

This is only if you top up £10 by the 28th of the previous month

I've chosen my O2 treats and apparently you'll receive a text from O2 within, say, 72 hours to confirm what you've chosen...

BUT...I've never received any texts from O2! I wonder how I can view if I've indeed selected anything? From the O2 website maybe!?

I got my text in a couple of minutes
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