oak effect 3 shelf bookcase £7-50 @ Tesco

oak effect 3 shelf bookcase £7-50 @ Tesco

Found 14th Apr 2009
I was in tesco today{barrow in furness} and seen these bookcases for sale at half price was £15 now £7.50.Now ok might not be good enough for some but seems a great price for the kids bedrooms for there games,books ect



Showing online at £15 but i can confirm these are £7-50 in store,there was a bigger bookcase but tbh didn't take any notice of this
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how many dvd's do you think i'd be able to fit on this?

I know its a book-case but i've only got about 20 books...compared to a shed-load of dvd's & blu-rays that i could put on it instead.
Nice one mate
Nice one. The 5 shelf versions are £10 each (got a couple yesterday) and they're made from MDF
£10 each for the 5 shelfer :O.....might nip and get one of those after work.
They look boring, but i boguht one from argos, i got a nice modern white and black bedroom so i thought it would look tacky in it, but it actually looks really good, not very noticable, becuase its small and out the way. its also easy to build.
Loads of dvds onit, i have filled it (im like blockbuster)


i'll grab one of the 5 shelfers. pretty sure its the same colour as my wardrobe and bedside unit/projector stand lol.
i'll visit tesco tomorrow
ive bought one of these and I think its lovely! Easy to build and great value.
Picked up one of the three-shelf ones the other day. Very easy to assemble, doesn't look or feel cheap (with the possible exception of the back). Tesco Extra at Osterley. They also had the 5-shelf for £10 and some tall metal stools for a few quid.

If you're looking for a contextualised photo of the smaller bookcase: bit.ly/SWhz
Cheers for this, heat and rep left. Bought one on my way home from tesco stockton. Had to ask for one from the back as weren't any out on the shelves.

EDIT: Meant to say, i got the 3 shelf one, didn't have any 5 shelf ones left at stockton-on-tees tesco extra
well i've got my mum going in for one tomorrow when she does the shopping, gonna pick up the 5 shelf one.
Ive got 2 similer ones (from argos), was tempted to buy this, but the dimensions are different to the argos ones, and i only wanted this so that i could use the shelves on my existing 2. Also, does anyone know if they come in beech affect and if the shelves are adjustable or set?
Can't go wrong at this price, just what I need for my games.
The two 5 shelf versions don't look bad at all in my home office. Here's a pic


The two 5 shelf versions don't look bad at all in my home office. Here's … The two 5 shelf versions don't look bad at all in my home office. Here's a pichttp://direct.tesco.com/product/images/?R=202-2283&tn=/3/SS08202-2283TPS313836.jpg

I was kind of excited to see a picture of your home office there, until I saw the tesco address. :oops:
Hot from me, good deal!
i'd rather make my own, its just a couple of planks of wood in a box
I'd rather just pay a tenner or whatever than f*ck around making my own lol.
Heat added!

OH put ours together last night - he added a blob of wood glue in the dowell/screw holes for a bit of extra strength. Certainly well worth the £7.50. Thanks OP.
i need a lot of these type of things but these are so much cheaper than elsewhere. even at £20 as i cant get to the stores is a good deal for 5 shelves. i have that many items ill probably need 4 or 5 of them. at least 700-800 items from games to blurays, hd-dvds to boxsets, steelbooks and more. i should really cut back lol, just moved into a new place and they are all over the floor and it looks like HMVs warehouse lol.
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