Oakley BOTTLECAP polished black with G30 iridium lens 12-692 : £37.99 @ Eyewear outlet

Oakley BOTTLECAP polished black with G30 iridium lens 12-692 : £37.99 @ Eyewear outlet

Found 6th Apr 2011
can't get link to work so it's here: eyewearoutlet.co.uk/oak…978

RRP £95, discounted price £35 with £2.99 shipping if spending less than £50. I've got a more expensive pair of Oakleys that I really didn't want to take on holiday in case I loose them. At this price though I wouldn't be absolutely gutted.

An open-edge design of lightweight O MATTER® frame material, Bottlecap™ offers an unobstructed field of downward view. Offering a comfortable fit on all facial sizes, Bottlecap™ is especially well suited for small to medium-size faces, due to contouring that eliminates the wide corners of conventional frames.


Extended wrapped frame geometry to fit small to medium faces
Sculpturally integrated hinge mechanisms with dual cam action
Exceeds ANSI Industrial Standard Z87.1 for optical clarity, high mass and high velocity impact
Open edge lens design maximizes field of vision
Iridium® coatings and lens tints reflect glare and heighten contrast
XYZ Optics® for maximized clarity at all angles of vision, even at lens periphery
Three-point fit comfortably hugs the nose and behind the ears
Metal icon accents

Material - Ultra light stress resistant Oakley O Matter® frame material
Plutonite® lens material blocks 100% of all UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light

Lens Colour - G30 Iridium

Frame Colour - Polished Black
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Put the link in the create deal page and it never seems to work for me! I've updated the original post with the link to cut and paste into your browser. I'm sure a mod will be along to sort it out soon (please!).
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Good price, not my style but heat added
Hot - ordered for my next hols
Great price for genuine Oakleys.
Heat added.
Holiday shades + 3 x T-Shirts ordered, all for £55. Cheers.
heat added - just ordered a pair!
Bonza - cheers for that
Very nice price for Oakleys...I'm almost tempted, but they're a bit of a boring design.

Heat added.
Ordered thanks! Heat added.
out of stock now
Out of stock now!!
It's letting me add it to the basket and go through to checkout so you may want to try again.

Mine have gone through to awaiting dispatch so it looks like this was a genuine price. They'll do for this years holiday and if I don't loose/destroy them they can go in the car.
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Holiday shades + 3 x T-Shirts ordered, all for £55. Cheers.

Damn, didn't see those Dragon tees, would've gotten three of those and the free shipping too if I'd seen them.
too bad they're not polarized
i bought these for CA, they are the business, everyone says how awesome they look, buy NOW
These were on here a few weeks ago but never got much heat - same price - I got mine through and am really impressed...
ordered...good price... thats me sorted for summer might need an Oakley branded umbrella!!!!
Just ordered some with the large carbon fibre hard case and a Dragon t-shirt - £60. Bargain!
Now back in stock again!

Mine came through a couple of days after ordering and for the money I'm very happy with them. The lenses are great, take the edge off the glare but enhance colours, green, blue and red look very vivid.
how does anti glare work?
thanks - missed out last time and glad it's back in stock!
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