Oakley - M Frame Mens Black Sunglasses - save over £90 - £44.93 [£41.93 using code] delivered @ The Hut

Oakley - M Frame Mens Black Sunglasses - save over £90 - £44.93 [£41.93 using code] delivered @ The Hut

Found 6th Nov 2009Made hot 6th Nov 2009
OK its winter, but these would look good on the slopes or even for the next summer - bargain price anyway! Use code HWALK to save a further £3!!!!


and the award for the fugliest sunnies goes to..................

May be fugliest, but great when riding a bike, ordered. Thanks:thumbsup:

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Just tried the HWALK code - it works - so you can save a further £3! Bargain

one of the best sports glasses you can buy, for cricket and tennis especially, shame were in winter now

The RRP isn't £135 - it's £89 so the Hut are lying (and these are commonly available for £70 - £80). BUT this is still a good deal & the cheapest I've seen Oakleys for a while. Heat.

Cracking deal! (and I don't say that often).
This site is warped if these don't get some heat.

You rarely see Oakleys reduced this much so the is a cracking deal, I want some minutes but I'm tempted to get these as well as the price is so good.


sweet i need some new douchebag glasses

good price
other 5 styles available at £59.93 before quidco codes etc
search for oakley sunglasses on the web site :thumbsup:

Great sunglasses for what they're designed for (i.e. looking through, not being looked at). Stunning price. This design has stood the test of time (the M-frames must have been around for 15+ years), and hasn't been bettered. The plain grey lenses are not Oakley's best but still excellent quality compared to whatever else you can pick up for anywhere near this price.

great glasses, if you do any sports these won't slip or let you down in anyway!!


just bought now i need some G26 lense's great find

Top deal, shame theres no jawbones...


sweet i need some new douchebag glasses

These are great glasses for sport, more extreme the better, and a great price, however it is true one does look like a badger's nadger walking down town with the old levi's and Jack Daniels t-shirt on. It's like, "He's really trying to look cool, it's like he doesn't." Pity though, great glasses. Going for a cycle through town now with my [email protected] bike and Cebe glasses, CAF. :?

Reminds me of the England cricket team during the summer. they tend to favour these when fielding. Apparently you don't drop a catch when glaring into the sun abd you've got a jaw breaking cricket ball coming towards you.
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