Oasis: Don't Believe the Truth (CD) - £2.49 @ CD-WOW! (free delivery)

Oasis: Don't Believe the Truth (CD) - £2.49 @ CD-WOW! (free delivery)

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Oasis return with 'Don't Believe The Truth', their 6th studio album. Some tout this as a return to form for Manchester's finest. At £2.49 you can decide for yourself.

Next best: £4.99 @ Amazon

PowerPlayDirect : £5.00
Base.com: £5.05
HMV : £5.99

Track Listing:

1. Turn Up the Sun
2. Mucky Fingers
3. Lyla
4. Love Like a Bomb
5. The Importance of Being Idle
6. The Meaning of Soul
7. Guess God Thinks I'm Abel
8. Part of the Queue
9. Keep the Dream Alive
10. A Bell Will Ring
11. Marriage Is for Old Folks


11. Marriage Is for Old Folks..eh?

It's Let There Be Love.

Great summery album. Deal

A decent album, not great. However there are few superb tracks including Turn up the Sun, Part of the queue, Mucky Fingers, Guess god thinks i'm abel and Keep the dream alive. A few average ones, and a couple of stinkers.

Definitely a hot deal though.

Not sure if you like The Beatles? Save £££s by getting this album ... listen to all the riffs taken from John, Paul, George and Ringo's back catalogue then decide if its for you. Respect to Noel and Liam for getting away with it all those years ;-) "Yeah - well ... most of our fans werent even born when The Beatles was 'round like]", said Liam "So its a new experience for 'em, see?" :oops: Now they've split ... Noel has been overheard rehearsing in the studio. Something mumbled .. .sounding like "Tonight, Matthew I am going to be John Lennon ....."

P.S.: Before you start...I'm joking, readers .... ("And weakly at that!"-Ed.) :x

This album is 99p at the That's Entertainment store @ Cheshire Oaks, Ellesmere Port if anyone's interested. They also have Heathen Chemistry and Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants for 99p each too. Pricing labels on them suggest this is old Music Zone stock.

Might be useful for someone local-ish anyway :thumbsup:
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