Oasis - Stop The Clocks CD - 2 disc Greatest hits - £2 DELIVERED ! ! ! !
Oasis - Stop The Clocks CD -  2 disc Greatest hits - £2 DELIVERED ! ! ! !

Oasis - Stop The Clocks CD - 2 disc Greatest hits - £2 DELIVERED ! ! ! !

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Terrace anthem heroes or rock plagiarists: how will history judge Oasis? Well, if a band's Greatest Hits is their dispatch to the ages, Stop The Clocks -- a two CD collection that spans the ins and outs of their career from debut single "Supersonic" to 2005's sixth studio album Don't Believe The Truth - suggests that whether you believe they lost their way in a blizzard of cocaine around the time of 1997's Be Here Now or put their first foot wrong the day Liam first put crayon to paper as lyricist -- at their best they're quite simply at the top of their game. First up, a run-through the early stuff: band manifesto "Rock'n'Roll Star', their first chart-topper "Some Might Say", and its B-side, the acoustic, Noel-sung "Talk Tonight". In such context, later efforts like "Lyla" and "Go Let It Out" lack the obvious hunger of what came before, but they demonstrate exactly why Oasis got as huge as they did: their affinity for the stomping, Slade-derived swagger and runway-width choruses just perfect for filling stadiums and football fields. Fans who shelled out for Oasis' B-sides compilation The Masterplan might feel mugged by the decision to reprise four tracks here, but a genuine Oasis Best Of wouldnt seriously work without the presence of "Acquiesce". Live forever? These songs just might. --Louis Pattison

'Stop The Clocks' is the long-anticipated hits compilation from Britain's most successful band since The Rolling Stones, Oasis. From the aggressive growl of 'Rock 'n' Roll Star' through to the poignant beauty of 'Wonderwall', Oasis can rightfully lay claim to being one of the greatest British bandsof all time. Includes the tracks 'The Masterplan' and 'Lyla'.

Disk 1
1.Rock 'N' Roll Star
2.Some Might Say
3.Talk Tonight
5.The Importance Of Being Idle6.Wonderwall
7.Slide Away
8.Cigarettes & Alcohol
9.The Masterplan

Disk 2
1.Live Forever
4.Half The World Away
5.Go Let It Out6.Songbird
7.Morning Glory
8.Champagne Supernova
9.Don't Look Back In Anger

'king bargain ! ! !


Original Poster


£2 delivered? - what are you waiting for????


£2 delivered? - what are you waiting for????

At least another 50% off.

bargain , hot from me

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At least another 50% off.

Behave - or are you waiting for a good deal on a Genesis 'record'? :thumbsup:

cheers steve, may buy now

Many thanks, ordered.

Good job these are being posted as seperate deals.

Good deal. Some nice songs. Go for it.

i loooove oasis and find the collection a bit lacking to be honest.
stick to listening to an album, or burn a cd of your faves...
I got it for £3 and listened once, and then reached for the albums.

Excellent deal. Some excellent songs but i feel it could have been a lot better!

For me, for it not to have Gas Panic!, Dont go away, and Do you know what i mean on there is nuts.

Greta deal , been looking for this one for ages at this price

Cheers great find:thumbsup:

Nice find. Will keeep me going till their new album.

No "stop crying your heart out " or "little by little"

One of there best tracks

has anyone actually received items from tesco"jersey"?


No "stop crying your heart out " or "little by little"One of there best … No "stop crying your heart out " or "little by little"One of there best tracks

Hey man i preferred your other avatar!

great deal if you like them but i don't. I prefer thin lizzy in its original form, or at worst covered by Blondie.....

Delivery 21 days is a tad long

mostly ear ache, especially the vocals, frighteningly bad....my cat leaves the room if they come on the radio, he doesnt do this for 90% of other songs....
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