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Oat Cheerios 375g, 49p per box, Aldi, Abbey Lane, Leicester
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Oat Cheerios 375g, 49p per box, Aldi, Abbey Lane, Leicester

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Posted 22nd Dec 2019

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Great price on these, clearance line, plenty left yesterday but some folks were stocking up big-style.

Could be local deal only
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Brilliant for foodbank
Great price if you can find them, my local store didn't have any yesterday when I did a shop. Actually Flamedeers like these as similar to their favourite cereal Deerios . ( missing them already )
Amazin price for these, i do prefer original ones but at this price....i'd be daft not to
This could be a cure for losing to City? Great deal!
Blegh.... 'orrible stuff
Great deal. Thanks OP
Be warned that Nestle have completely confused customers with *2* versions of Oat Cheerios. This beige-boxed version is the high sugar (18%) version, whereas the blue-boxed version is the low sugar (4.7%) version.

I really don't understand the logic of this - the blue-boxed version was the only low sugar Cheerios variant in their entire range and now they've muddied the waters with 2 versions and the likelihood that a customer will pick up the wrong version. Not so bad if you wanted the high sugar version and picked up the low sugar one (just add sugar, duh), but a complete cock-up if you wanted it the other way around.

What I do is buy the low sugar version when it's on offer (£1.30 for 325g in Tesco at the moment) and then use the excellent Canderel Sugarly (Tesco occasionally reduce a jar to £1.50) to give me the sweetness these badly need, but without using actual sugar.
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