oat so simple 8 sachet 87p in iceland

oat so simple 8 sachet 87p in iceland

LocalFound 11th Nov 2017
Iceland have oat so simple
2825989-ZOZtf.jpg87p a box syrup one works out 30p per 100g Asda packs of 10 two boxes for 3 pound works out 41 .6 p per 100g
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Thanks op
You can get the big bowl version in Poundland for a quid. Better value for money. You get more packs n bigger packs at that for the sake of 13p
This is obviously a deal because it's cheaper than normal but when you can buy plain oats for 7.5p per 100g at most supermarkets (definitely Morrisons) it doesn't look so good. Anyway I eat pinhead oats now which are more expensive but the normal oats taste insipid in comparison and I'm not going back.
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