Posted 18 February 2023

Oatly Oat Drink Barista Edition 1 Litre - £1.50 on Clubcard Price @ Tesco

£1.50£2.1029% off
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Oatly Barista - £1.50 on Clubcard price

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Foamable oat drink with added vitamins and minerals.
The Boring Side
If this side bores you, please read no further. Flip the carton around and have a wonderful day. Otherwise, please do enjoy.
Legends of Oatly
For over two decades Carina has been our mojo, our secret sauce, our Yoda and why we've been fearless in promoting a plant-based future. Her command of scientific facts, relentless approach to research and commitment to put independently verified carbon footprint data on all of our products has made drinking oat drink synonymous with being a forward-thinking human being.
As she now pursues a future in the energy industry, we'd like the dairy industry to know that we've successfully downloaded all of carina's knowledge, persistence, dedication and ability to inspire others onto a human enhancement chip ready to be implanted into all of our new sustainability recruits as soon as the technology feels a little less sci-fi creepy. If that never happens, at least Carina has made the writer of this package a better, more responsible, and definitely more sustainable person, which is no small accomplishment.

Water, Oats 10%, Rapeseed Oil, Acidity Regulator (Dipotassium Phosphate), Minerals (Calcium Carbonate, Potassium Iodide), Salt, Vitamins (D2, Riboflavin and B12)
Tesco More details at Tesco

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  1. SamBx's avatar
    Can i ask y pple av this in der coffee does it make it taste better den normal milk or is it an alergy thing? Cuz it jus seems like a craze at the mo..
    blackcoffeecats's avatar
    If you think about it, drinking cows milk is more crazy
  2. Valheru's avatar
    This is the only barista oat milk I've tried that i like in my coffee, it's got that slight sweetness. Currently got it on amazon subscribe working out at 1.66 each. But when I do see this for £1.50 I get 6 of them and cancel. My subscription for that month. I got a couple of Lidl barista cartons I'll be opening up next. I heard their barista oat milk is decent.
  3. ben_baku's avatar
    You can get a 500ml for 50p on shomium app if anyone wanted to try it / get another 500ml cheaper (edited)
  4. Falx's avatar
    I highly, highly recommend Califia Farms barista blend oat milk. It's the best milk I've ever had, you can get it on amazon for £7.30 for 6 1L cartons using S&S with the 10% off voucher too.
    Even without that it's the same price as this one, and much nicer in my opinion. amzn.eu/d/e…BCq
  5. Pancakes42's avatar
    £1.50 in asda as well (edited)
    nadx5's avatar
    They have increased price to 1.70
  6. RupeshParmar's avatar
    Same in sainsburys
  7. N_Machine's avatar
    EliotBanks's avatar
    Where can you do this price comparison?
  8. potatohed's avatar
    FYI there’s a “fresh” oatly barista refrigerated version. I almost got caught out and stocked up when it was on the same offer.
    N_Machine's avatar
    Yes! Noticed this too. I think the refrigerated one was even cheaper from memory
  9. Neostar's avatar
    Just buy a six pack on Amazon, it's way cheaper
    blackcoffeecats's avatar
    Currently £8.93 on subscribe and save
  10. C0mbat's avatar
    I'm addicted to the Chocolate version of this. It's fairly low sugar and obviously low fat so it's a bit of guilt free pleasure.
    blackcoffeecats's avatar
    Have you tried the deluxe chocolate one?
  11. mb1's avatar
    This is the only decent one for me. The IKEA one is particularly horrible. Lidl's own one isn't bad, to be fair.
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