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OBDII Car Scanner Mini ELM327 upgraded Bluetooth 10p (New customers / select accounts) @ AliExpress - AutoMoto Parts Store

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4604452281674415336.jpg4073774_1.jpgOnly new customers - I think?
9p (10p after tax ) for upgraded Bluetooth
65p upgraded WiFi

Fwiw I wanted the WiFi one but most apps support Bluetooth so went with that

If you already have an account make sure to check the price via incognito.

AliExpress More details at AliExpress

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    Looks like my module, which works well enough with a phone app.
    If it can't come up with the code for the problem then it is probably specialist repair anyway
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    Coming up as £3.35 for me as an existing customer! Is it worth going for this or better buying similar of eBay? Thanks in advance.
    See my comment above
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    What does this do?
    Plugs into your car, lets you see and clear error codes. Also lets you see real time data which is especially useful on an electric vehicle as you can get things like battery temperature, cell voltages, charging speeds etc from it. Pretty much essential if you are ever buying an EV as they tell you the exact battery health, identify weak cells etc. A bit like being able to check 80% of an petrol engine from your phone

    Tl;Dr they are useful for all cars but ten times more useful for EVs.
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    this looks identical to the one i bought over a decade ago lol.
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    Your car's ECU is probably made in China anyway. You've watched too many movies
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    I’ve just gone to purchase as an existing customer so I was expecting to pay £3.35 but when I went through to purchase it says £4.02! Is there anything I can do to get it cheaper!? Is there a better quality OBD device for a similar price? Thanks in advance.
    Guessing it's the VAT you didn't account for which pushed it up. What sort of cars you looking to use it on? Also what years? (edited)
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    I have one of these for past 5 years does the job and paid £10 off eBay . Not sure why this is cold ?
    Is it that specific model? At 10p I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't work. Sure you "only" waste 10p but they add up, plus wasted time.
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    Got for 10p thanks
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    49377173-SMSgJ.jpgShows as 8p for me
    10p after tax?
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    Torque. Fabulous app. Not just code reading and clearing but all kinds of live engine data when paired.
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    Thanks OP
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    What apps do people use with this?
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    Can this be used with Toyota cars?
    This looks the same as mine and works on my 2006 Toyota
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    Just a word of caution about these ELM327 clones. I know of someone that bricked their ECU on a Fiat punto when they used one. Not sure if it shorted and put power on a pin it wasn't supposed to. (most likely since i cant imagine quality control is particularly high on the manufacturer's priorities). Of course it could also have been user error too if he plugged it in wrong somehow
    Bear in mind an ECU costs hundreds of pounds to repair/replace. (edited)
    Is there a decent price non clone or one with more reliable QC? Thanks
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    Don't make same mistake I did. These things draw power even when ignition is off. I left it plugged in for a week while car was on drive. Came back to a flat battery. Be advised, they are only as good as the software you use on your laptop / phone (phone is more convenient). Supplied software with mine was decidedly lacking. There is a fantastic 3rd party software market. Google for a comparison web article for pros & cons of each software.
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    Anyone know if this can be used with the Carly app? Or do you specifically have to buy their own brand reader?
    not with carly, they have specific bt/wifi dongles that only work with app
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    Can someone tell me what this is for?
    Diagnosing faults on cars. If an error light shows on the dashboard this can give you an idea of the problem. It can also show data about the car (engine speed, other sensor data). (edited)
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    I got one looks exactly like this 10 years ago. Cd it came with was riddled with viruses
    Cue the conspiracy theories
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    Sold out