Oblivion Game Of The Year Edition (PS3) £10.99@game.co.uk

Oblivion Game Of The Year Edition (PS3) £[email protected]

Found 28th Jan 2010Made hot 11th Feb 2010
Not a bad price , as it comes with the expansion packs aswell.

Oblivion Game of the Year edition presents one of the best RPGs of all time like never before. Step inside the most richly detailed and vibrant game-world ever created. With a powerful combination of freeform gameplay and unprecedented graphics, you can unravel the main quest at your own pace or explore the vast world and find your own challenges.
Also included in the Game of the Year edition are Knights of the Nine and the Shivering Isles expansion, adding new and unique quests and content to the already massive world of Oblivion.


Well, most of the extras. There's no wizard tower for example (but that's not available on the PS3 at all anyway). But it is your best bet on the PS3. Loads of gameplay, this is a 100+ hour title, certainly replayable many times.

Is it just the witch tower, or is there any other add-ons that aren't available on the PS3 at all, that aren't available on this PS3 version lol

It's cheaper ]here

Would love this game but hate the platinum packaging, anyone know where to get one without?

Same, hate the cheap grey boxes... also no trophies on this game if that matters to you.


Would love this game but hate the platinum packaging, anyone know where … Would love this game but hate the platinum packaging, anyone know where to get one without?

Picked one up myself off the bay, new none platinum, 8.50 delivered. Had to bid on a few to get sub £9.

Good deal, shame about the no trophies and the horrible platinum packaging They need to bring the American case style over here, actually looks halfway decent

Its a case for ffs, who cares what it looks like!

voted cold, as said before, cheaper in gamestation and cheaper still from tesco direct


It's cheaper ]here

good find

I've got the original version, and absolutely love it, would it be worth the money for me to get this for the expansion pack(s)?

Anything in this price range for the 360 version?

Knights of the Nine is pretty good and adds 7 quests (with one of them having four parts). Adds quite a few new items too. Good if you want a "Crusader" type class. Shivering Isles adds 32 new quests, quite a large new area (about the size of Colovia) and alot of powerful new items.

The DLC the PS3 version has not got (n PS-Store or on GoY) is Fighters Stronghold, Horse Armour Pack, Mehrunes Razor, Orrey, Spells Tome, Thieves Den, Vile Lair and Wizards tower. These are more like Mini Addons so just add a random quest or two with new items - not all that spectacular tbh - Shivering Isles offers much more.

Also, unlike Fallout 3, normal -> goty saves dont glitch but make sure you un-make yourself a vampire if you ever want to no longer be one BEFORE you start Shivering Isles otherwise you will get the infamous bug.

Any chance of a new Oblivion game?

There is currently no new Elder Scrolls out, IV is the ewest (2006 for PC and 360, 2007 for PS3). Rumours are that they are developing an MMO version of TES V
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