Observer - £10.07 @ GMG

Observer - £10.07 @ GMG

Found 8th Mar
Part of GMG's March Madness sale, so you must login and add to basket for this price.

Observer is the cyberpunk follow-up by the fellows who made Layers of Fear - so you can expect virtuoso graphical effects married to a psychological horror story. Gameplay is walking sim, investigation, clenching. As a nice touch they got Rutger Hauer to do voice acting for the player character - you know, the guy who played Vonk in that classic 1973 Verhoeven film Turkish Delight

Youtube Let's Play - ChristopherOdd

Really solid discount, I've been hovering over this one on Kinguin all week. Even though GMG usually catch me by having the best sale just before everyone else has the better sale

Think this is a flash deal so may expire by tomorrow.
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If your waiting for Cyberpunk 2077 then this is a game to help the days pass, its brilliant and scarier than i expected.
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