OCADO - Lock & Lock Food Container Set 7 per pack £15

OCADO - Lock & Lock Food Container Set 7 per pack £15

Found 13th Jul 2017
Saw this whilst doing my usual groceries, seems like a pretty good deal, discounted from £25.

Had a Google at reviews as I was not aware of this brand and it seems to be regarded better than Sistema containers. Received them today and I'm inclined to agree; better build quality and feels more solid and robust, but time will tell!
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These are good, not like some cheap ones that would collapse in on themselves before locking, they're that flimsy.
Great products, but be aware that they don't stack so are a pain in the bum to store in a cupboard.
Agree with both comments. I have a few of these and they are sturdy, very good quality, but yes take A LOT of space in the cupboard
There's 5 for £9 as well I got last week instead of this. Might still be there.
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