Ocean Spray cranberry Juice (One and Half Litre size) only 89 pence at Lidl

Ocean Spray cranberry Juice (One and Half Litre size) only 89 pence at Lidl

Found 12th Nov 2011
Better than Half Price

Wow - I bought 6 when i saw these today!

Normally sub £1 for a 1 litre pack is a good deal but
at 89 pence for 1.5 litres is the cheapest ive ever seen them

(this is cheaper than the expired 65p for 1 Litre offers)

Hmmm... ive put them in the fridge and will add some ice later!
Get them while they last, there were still loads of packs at the ilford branch of Lidl today!
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Lovely. I got some last time these were on offer.
That's just someone reading from a leaflet! With lots of different deals. This is just for the Ocean Spray and it confirms that the deal actually exists in the stores! Some deals sell out... This one still has stock at the ilford store and I'm sure at some other places!
It us nice, but note that it is juice drink so perhaps a little less concentrated than juice. p
It a juice drink, not juice. I think it actually only has 20% cranberries in it or so. (Pure cranberry would be a little bit on the tart side...)
Absulutely right... It's not pure juice... Reading the ingredients It's 25% cranberry juice ... Hmm theres sugar added as well... But it does taste good!!
Good deal 89p for 1.5 litres...

I went to Tesco this evening and Ocean Spray Cranberry Pomegranate Juice Drink 1Ltr
Was £1.24 Now £1.17. Now that's a rip off!!!!
Hot deal posted...

Just checked Tesco website - Ocean Spray Cranberry Select 1 Litre
Special Offer Any 2 for £3.00. Worse Tesco deal then the deal I saw in store.
Great deal ,is it just the one flavour?

Great deal ,is it just the one flavour?

No there were more flavours ... i think i saw the raspberry one as well, but hey ... Ocean Spray is all about the Cranberry Classic!!!!
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