Ocean's Eleven + Ocean's Twelve [Limited Edition] DVD set - £3.73 delivered @ The Hut!

Ocean's Eleven + Ocean's Twelve [Limited Edition] DVD set - £3.73 delivered @ The Hut!

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Cut yourself in the action as Danny Ocean's crew pulls off a daring Las Vegas heist in Ocean's Eleven and then travels across Europe in pursuit of an even bigger score after the Vegas job comes back to haunt the gang in Ocean's Twelve. Stars, style, suspense - don't let them get away!

Ocean's Eleven
The plan is set. The rules are clear. If all goes right for Danny Ocean's grifters, the payoff is $160-million. Divided by 11. You do the math. The skill of Academy Award-winning director Steven Soderbergh combines with enough starpower to light up the Las Vegas strip in this classy caper. George Clooney plays Danny, defying the odds in a split-second heist of three Vegas casinos - all owned by a magnate (Andy Garcia) who is dating Danny's ex-wife (Julia Roberts). A fixer (Brad Pitt), a pick-pocket (Matt Damon), a blackjack dealer (Bernie Mac), a flimflammer (Carl Reiner) and others in well-defined roles are with Danny. Are you in or out?

Oceans Twelve
They're back. And then some. Twelve is the new eleven when Danny Ocean and pals return in a sequel to the cool caper that saw them pull off a $160 million heist. But $160 million doesn't go as far as it used to. Not with everyone spending like sailors on leave. Not with a Vegas big-shot Terry Benedict out to recover his dough. And not with a mysterious someone stalking Danny and crew. It's time to pull off another stunner of a plan - or plans. With locations including Amsterdam, Paris and Rome, the direction of Steven Soderbergh and the original cast plus Catherine Zeta-Jones and others. Twelve is your lucky number.



Weren't these movies £1 each at Poundland?

Were... and +Petrol & Time.


Were... and +Petrol & Time.

For the convenience of being able to watch them both tonight.

Great price - Oceans 11 is a superb remake of the original, but 12 is one of the worst films I've ever seen!

For those who like Oceans 11, it's worth looking for a good offer for Oceans 13 as that is a return to form for the group.


You could use Oceans 12 as a decorative coaster fro your hot and cold beverages!;-)

Cut yourself in the action

May very well end up cutting yourself after attempting to watch oceans 12 =p

Nice price

Limited Edition? This 'limited' set was released in 2005!!
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