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Found 6th Feb 2010
The Oceans Trilogy, a brand new four-disc set, brings together Oceans Eleven, Oceans Twelve and Oceans Thirteen in one box, delivering some of the finest old-style caper entertainment seen on the big screen in years.
Oceans Eleven is the best of the trilogy, and also superior to the original Rat Pack film that its a remake of. Here, were introduced for the first time to Daniel Ocean (George Clooney, who effortlessly charms his way through all three films with real style) and his group of fellow cons (including Brad Pitt and Matt Damon) as they try and pull off a daring casino heist. Its a thrilling, immaculately packaged slice of Hollywood entertainment, and easily stands up to repeated viewings.

The first sequel, Oceans Twelve, is a mess though. The first half sets things up nicely, introducing further themes of competition and revenge, but it then pulls a blistering stupid plot device around half way through and never recovers. Theres still plenty to enjoy, but its a real missed opportunity.

Oceans Thirteen finds the gang in much finer form though, and the addition of Al Pacino to the roster as the new villain of the piece does it no harm whatsoever. The focus is back onto a single job, and while its light on twists, its still a breezy caper thats hard not to warm to.

Packed with big name stars, and directed on the whole with real skill by Steven Soderbergh, the Oceans Trilogy is--the middle film excepted--testament to just how much fun watching movie stars doing their thing can be. A boxset well worth investing in.

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