O'connor's Irish Country Cream 70Cl £3.75 @ Tesco groceries

O'connor's Irish Country Cream 70Cl £3.75 @ Tesco groceries

Found 12th Aug 2016
Bargain booze what more do you want.
O'Connor's Irish Country Cream is produced in the heart of Ireland's green pastures. A magical blend of cream & selected wines, to be enjoyed on its own or over ice.

Pack Size: 70cl

Created blended and bottled in Rural Ireland
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It's always this price. No deal here.

It's handy to make some people aware of this deal they might not know about it. Cheers
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Your point is?
I like their Finest one that has single malt whisky in it - only when it's on special offer, though...
This is nasty.
Made with wine not whiskey, tastes too sweet
I like it :)! I'd rather pay this price, than full price for baileys!
Thanks for posting
Even though it's only the same sort of gravity as wine, this is so easy to get drunk on, I've had to stop drinking it as I quaff it down like a milkshake, half a night later I'm pouring the last drops onto my ice filled glass and feeling really guilty about being so drunk and how many calories I've consumed, and at the price is so easy to have another bottle at hand. it's just one of those rare things I have no self control over.

I know one day those **** will sell a toffee or caramel version, then I'm going to be in big trouble.
I buy this for the mother in law, I only put it in her coffee so she's not getting the good stuff
My Tesco (Merchant Express, High Street) is selling this RTC for £3.28...not bargain of the century, though!
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