Octonauts DKC07 Remote Control Gup-K Toy £20 Amazon

Octonauts DKC07 Remote Control Gup-K Toy £20 Amazon

Found 18th May 2017
Octonauts, let's do this!

Cheapest it's ever been according to Camelcamelcamel. 40 quid in Toysrus and Debenhams.

Inspired by the alligator, the Gup-K is the Octonauts’ ultimate swamp utility vehicle. As this remote-controlled Gup races along, its jaws open and close—perfect for pretending to help the crew chomp through swamp debris and clear the way of any obstructions. The Gup’s water-dart cannon can be used to extinguish any wildfire flare-ups and its two swamp speeders are ideal for exploratory missions and reaching creatures quickly. The Gup-K comes with a Barnacles figure but is engineered to carry up to six crew members (other figures sold separately).
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