Octonauts Octopod Playset - £34.99 @ Smyths Toys (Online & Instore)

Octonauts Octopod Playset - £34.99 @ Smyths Toys (Online & Instore)

Found 12th May 2011
we have been looking for some toys for the octonauts for months, and there are finally some on the market. ill admit it is not the cheapest toy in the world, but our little one will love it!

i think they are fisher price. there are a couple of other octonaut toy sets on this site as well.

Sound the Octo Alert to start your adventure in this amazing playset depicting the Octopod - just like in the show! Packed with features and accessories! Includes two articulated Barnacles & Kwazii Figures, GUP A Vehicle, two collectible animals - a Lobster and Sea Turtle both with colour change bandages; four rescue tools - Net, Life Preserver, Stretcher and Anchor hanging pod tools. The hanging pod tools can be used on any side by rotating the Octopod head. Place figures in the pods, pull the tabs to remove floors and the figures will travel down the tentacle slides, landing in the main deck. Place a figure on the opening in the main deck, pull the lever and watch the figure fall through, landing in the GUP A - ready for the next adventure. Lower the hanging tools up and down to rescue animals. Press the OctoAlert for sounds and phrases and remove it from the playset for on-the-go adventures!


do they do mortgages

I have to admit I quite like Ocotnauts. It seems to have quite a high production value compared to other children's TV produced in the UK.

^ Same

My son loves these but I won't be paying that money for what are basically figures, that's pretty expensive

I love the Octonauts, nice to have kids TV I don't mind sitting through for a change! Won't be spending £35 personally, but glad to see there are some out there, maybe they'll be cheaper by Christmas...

i looked at these online a couple of days ago and it said they aren't available til August - is this still the case? My son loves Octonauts but these are rather pricey!
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