Octopus Energy switch to best tariff

Octopus Energy switch to best tariff

Posted 26th FebEdited by:"armybike"
If you're an Octopus Energy customer, you're able to switch between tariffs at any point to ensure you're getting the best deal for your money.

Currently, the best available tariff (well, at least in my postcode area) is iChoosr Collective Octopus 12M Fixed February 2019 v1

Unit rate: 13.90p/kWh
Standing charge: 19.09p/day

Unit rate: 3.20p/kWh
Standing charge: 16.80p/day

Might be worth checking and then if there's a better tariff available for you drop them an email to hello@octopus.energy

Hopefully this will help some to get a better deal

If you're not with Octopus Energy, then might be worth checking to see if you can get a cheaper tariff, as their website says it's possible for you to switch to any of their available tariffs

"For simplicity, we only show our most popular online tariffs during the sign up process, but if you’re interested in switching to any of our current tariffs, drop us an email to hello@octopus.energy"

Link to view current tariffs - octopus.energy/tar…fs/

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Is there any sort of referral benefits from this or not? Thanks
Liam_1884 m ago

Is there any sort of referral benefits from this or not? Thanks

Octopus Energy do have a referral scheme where the current and new customer both get £50 credit to their account.

However, I've not added my referral link as didn't think it wouid be allowed on HUD.
Yeah you can get £50 instantly using a referral I did with a friend and I’m still
With them great company
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