OcUK Value L2442WD - VA 24" widescreen monitor DVI + VGA input <£220 delivered

OcUK Value L2442WD - VA 24" widescreen monitor DVI + VGA input <£220 delivered

Found 3rd Mar 2008
The OcUK Value L2442WD has an industry leading ultra-fast 6ms GtG response time making it perfect for blur-free video and gaming. With it's 1000:1 contrast ratio and excellent viewing angles there is no other TFT/LCD that can match the quality, value or performance. Make the large screen affordable to all this 24" is ideal for gamers and professional users who require a high resolution screen capable of delivering very impressive quality and extreme viewing angles due to the use of a VA panel within these monitors.

- 1920 x 1200 (WUXGA) Optimum Resolution
- 16.7 Million Colours
- 1000:1 Contrast Ratio
- 6ms Response Time
- 500 cd/m2 Brightness
- Viewing Angle (H/V): 180°/ 180° (VA Panel)
- One Digital Input (Supplied with DVI Cable)
- One Analogue Input (Supplied with Analogue Cable)
- Supplied with both Analogue and DVI cables
- Wall Mountable
- Built in stereo speakers
- Warranty : 3 year on-site collect and return warranty supplied by Manufacturer (Call DGM direct for all support and RMA issues on 0871 2508000)

***Previously sold for £239.99+VAT!***

Remember this is a VA panel so it offers superb viewing angles, I love mine looks awesome on the 360 the only downside is that is has a very bright blue LED on the front.

not to be picky or anything...



Comes up as £222 for me? :thinking:

OcUK Value L2442WD-VA 24" Widescreen LCD Monitor - Glossy Black

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£211.49 inc VAT

10+ in stock

Stock Code: MO-026-OK

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didn;'t check with postage normally p+p is about 9 quid at ocuk bringing it to 220 delivered. its only a couple of quid either way for a monitor that was selling at 280 delivered only last month.

Undoubtedly a good price for a 24" VA panel monitor but i'd advise reading here..........
forums.overclockers.co.uk/sho…175 (note..VERY long thread!) before making your mind up.Was in the market for a 24" tft not long ago and read the whole thread before deciding not to go ahead with the purchase due to build quality issues.
It seems that if you get a good one then you are likely to be very happy with your purchase but quite a few people had had bad ones..including complete rows of dead pixels and some with bad backlight bleed.I do have to say though that the recent batch do seem to be being received better but thats not to say there aren't still quality issues.
That being said though,there's nothing to stop you chancing your arm and if you do happen to get a duff one asking Overclockers to replace it for you which they do seem to do well or even if they refuse to budge return it under the Distance Selling Regs.In the latter case though you will still be liable for return postage.
In the end,i went for the Dell 2407WFP A04 which is superb but then again it was much more expensive than this one.Even at £211 which is a great price it is still a lot of money if you do turn out to have problems with it.
You pays your money and takes your choice!

Hope this helps.

The TN version of this OCUK DGM monitor is only £187.99 which is a great buy if you prefer a glossy screen and are not too bothered about (poorish) viewing angles (DGM shipped 50 o these panels to OCUK by mistake hence the very cheap price):

Another thing to note although it seems quite a few people did get dodgy monitors OCUK claim to have sold over 3,000 of these in the last couple of months, so bound to be a few with duds.

Hasn't that Dell one been having major problems though with blurring whilst gaming and watching movies - or is it another Dell boy model??


Hasn't that Dell one been having major problems though with blurring … Hasn't that Dell one been having major problems though with blurring whilst gaming and watching movies - or is it another Dell boy model??

Yes and no!
The latest version (and last) of the Dell 2407 is the 2407WFP-HC (high colour gamut).
This is the one with all the problems and ghosting issues,caused,from memory,by an overly aggressive overdrive unit.There are many forums and youtube vids about to see the problem in action and i would suggest avoiding that one myself if you are susceptible to noticing these things.That's why,in the end,i went for the latest revision of the none-HC model with the A04 firmware.The only real difference between the A04 and the newer HC version is that the A04 has a lower colour gamut compared to the 92% of the HC version.In reality,unless you do loads of photo editing and critical graphics work then you're not going to notice the difference.

Anyway,back on topic....having posted the link to the OC forums i too noticed that they had had "contamination issues" with this monitor.When considering purchasing one,the thought had already crossed my mind that the superior VA panels had been substituted with inferior TN panels as quite a few people had complained about poor viewing angles.When another poster said that their screen had a glossy coating that really set alarm bells off.
It does now seem that they have sorted out the inferior screens and are,as you say,selling them off on a separete section of the site at a cheaper price.As for the original screen the Op is talking about,gut instinct would tell me not to purchase but as i said in my last post it's really an individual choice after weighing up all the pros and cons,specifically for me,build quality.

soo tempting...

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OCUK returns policy is awesome and yes there is always going to be the problem of dead pixels but if you don't go hunting for them you'll be fine and yyou can still return it within 2 weeks I think it if your not 100% happy.


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wouldn't say mine has a glossy screen ordered 31/01/2007

i have one and i must be lucky as it looks great - with no bleed problems.

I got mine, bit hassle with city link, but got it sorted.

Excellent screen and much better than my 8 month old dell 22" screen, which I have stuck on ebay. Which should cover most cost for t his.

My Dell 20" looks tiny next to it....

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There may be bleed within the first few days of use. Reading the forum heavily before i ordered one showed people moaning when they first go it and hten a week later saying it was all good.

V.good monitor for the price i think.

whats the bleed thing ?

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if you look at a black part of a film the backlight bleed is the amount of light coming through from the back light

So basically no black light bleed = perfectly black black parts of the film
bad black light bleed = gret parts when it should be black

even new i wou;dnt say this monitor had bleed, but all monitors have some - I'm very happy with mine!
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