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Oculus Black Friday deals - In Death: Unchained £14.55; Pistol Whip £15.99; Walkabout Mini Golf £6.99; Sniper Elite £15.99

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It's worth noting that Bundles are cheaper if you already own 1 or more of the titles (as not even Oculus/Meta will charge you again for a game you already own, yet! ), it is also worth remembering that they are also exempt from the normal Quest Refund policy, so make sure you want them before you spend

If you're new to the Quest and haven't actually opened the box yet (or have bought one for Christmas), it is worth asking someone you know with a Quest already, for a referral link. Use the link and once you activate your headset, you'll both get £23 credit to buy games with (The referral system works through Facebook friends, so you will have to send that person a friend request)

Referral link last for 90 days, so you can get a link now even if you have bought one for Christmas
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