Oculus Rift + Touch bundle £399 - oculus.com

Oculus Rift + Touch bundle £399 - oculus.com

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£200 headset on its way
Right price imo. It is an amazing experience, but also one that is a little hot and uncomfortable for long sessions. Some games work brilliantly for me (such as Elite) while others make me a bit nauseous (Project Cars). I've tried Holo Lens and it's probably what this tech needs to become, at an affordable price, before becoming mainstream.
They need to leapfrog over the new Mixed Reality headsets with a new device that really takes advantage of the social
Interesting move by Oculus; reneging on their "normal price will be £499" so soon after the summer promo ended.

It's a unique experience for sure, but with numerous reliability issues, tedious and inconvenient warranty claim process, and no provisioning for out of warranty repairs, I'm waiting for the next gen.

If you do buy into Oculus, buy from a 3rd party (like Amazon) so you're less reliant upon Oculus' poor CS.
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tempt2 h, 50 m ago

£200 headset on its way

They said that headset is going to be very basic.
If this is £399 permanently, then why is £399 a deal?
tempt11th Oct

£200 headset on its way

A stand alone headset is not going to rival one run by a high end PC
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