OCZ Agility 3 60GB SSD £88.39 @ Scan.co.uk

OCZ Agility 3 60GB SSD £88.39 @ Scan.co.uk

Found 12th Jun 2011
I tried to post this drive at this from **** yesterday but apparantly they are banned for self promotion. I was just emailing my Brother about the deal & was going to use the £102 Scan price as a reference for how good the deal was. Well looks like Scan have lowered the price to match OCUK now!

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Seems to be the going rate nowadays. Cold.

I saw your deal yesterday and had wondered why it was removed.

Good price for a good drive by the looks of it.


Seems to be the going rate nowadays. Cold.

I haven't seen a deal for this generation or speed of drive, maybe some of the older drives that did 200 ish MB/s

Crucial C300 or M4 is the sensible buy for SATA 3 (6gb) at the moment. Problems exist for many OCZ Agility/Vertex 3 owners with the Sandforce Controllers.

Bought a C300 the other day for less than £90 and get a real 4k random read (which is probably the most important attribute for 95% of users) speed of circa 360MB/s. On my older Vertex 2 (3gb) on a year old Dell i5 (which is somewhat hampered by the much documented P55 MB issues) i get about 200MB/s.

The C300 boots to desktop (after Bios) on my pared down W7 Pro, Sandybridge i5 Vostro in approx 10 secs. It really is surprisingly fast, and this is from someone whom has being using SSD for a boot drive for a year now.

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I have heard of the problems that some users have experienced with the Sandforce drives. Een still, the Agility beats the C300 in everything else thats comparable (apart from the 4K read)

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Something else that has become slightly annoying. To start with I could update my Vertex firmware from within Windows environment. Lately you cannot update it as a boot drive, only as a slave or external. This is bloody inconvenient if you use them as I do in laptops, which means you can only update by taking it out of the lappy and connecting it to another machine!
Not sure if that is the case for the Agility's (quite likely I would imagine). Worth checking out maybe?
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