OCZ Evostream 600W (modular) Power Suppy £62 Delivered
OCZ Evostream 600W (modular) Power Suppy £62 Delivered

OCZ Evostream 600W (modular) Power Suppy £62 Delivered

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This is half price at specialtech at the moment. One for people building top end PC's, not for those on a tight budget
Ie if you were planning to go 8800 SLI ..

Next best price I could find is £108+ shipping.

Model Number OCZ600EVOSLI
Package Type Retail
Warranty 3 Years
Type ATX 12V v2.2
Maximum Power 600W


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Oh yea, you can get free shipping , making this only £55, by posting in the specialtech forums ! Details here :

[SIZE=2]A little about OCZ, just so you know. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]I recently bought a OCZ power supply the OCZ 600W stealthxstream which was incredibly loud despite the "whisper quiet" marketing claim. Seemed like a jet was taking off in my room. I then discovered loads of other people complaining about the noise levels on OCZ PSUs. Seems like some of the fans are stuck on full blast.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]My PSU came with a 3 year powerswap guarantee which I wrongly assumed meant they would pick up and replace at their cost. In actual fact if you PSU is faulty and you want to RMA it via OCZ as I did, you will have to send it back to the Netherlands and if you want tracking with that the Post Office will charge you a little over £30 to do it. Took about 20 days to get mine replaced - they said it should normaly take half that time but mine got delayed as people were on holiday and DHL are ********s. You can of course RMA via the supplier but OCZ usually upgrade your PSU for the trouble of sending it to the netherlands so I went that route - I now have a OCZ 700W Gamexstream.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]Both PSUs were rock solid with my Intel c2d 4300 overclocked to 3ghz and my ATI 1950pro, 3 HDD & 2 optical drives but even the replacement is louder than I'd like. Seems like a quality product though.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]The RMA guys at OCZ were excellent but the Netherlands was bad news. [/SIZE]

I use the OCZ Modstream. Solid as ****. Badass power supply but the PSU cables are very thick and hard to turn around corners. It looks the **** too with a zinc coated outer casing and UV cables.
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