OCZ OCZNIA / NIA Neural Impulse Actuator  - £72.99 delivered @ Play.com

OCZ OCZNIA / NIA Neural Impulse Actuator - £72.99 delivered @ Play.com

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Found 22nd Sep 2009
Control your PC using your mind!

The Future of Immersive Gaming is here.

The NIA allows users to control PC Games without using the keyboard and with minimal use of a mouse and reduces reaction times by up to 60%

The commands are easily assigned with the NIA's user friendly software and are calibrated based on the individuals physiology and personal preferences. Each of the Actuators signals can be assigned to a specific keystroke on the keyboard or a mouse button; consequentially, gamers can run, jump, and fire faster all without "lifting a finger".

Because the NIA converts EEG (electroencephalograph) signals into specified keystrokes, the device can be used with any software.

Upon proper configuration, the NIA will allow users to control PC gamed without the use of a keyboard and minimal use of a mouse.

# Control box
# Headband
# Calibration software
# USB A-to-B cable
# 24 month warranty
# Connects and powered via USB port
# 64-bit drivers now available to download from manufacturers website
# System Requirements: Windows XP & Vista (32 & 64 bit) / 1GHz CPU / 512MB Memory / USB 2.0 Recommended


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Review: overclock3d.net/rev…g/6

How does the NIA work?

The NIA (Neural Impulse Actuator) works by reading neuronal discharges in the brain, that is alpha, beta and gamma brain waves, electro-oculogram components (the positional differential between the front of the retina and the retinal pigmented epithelium which changes relative to the eye orientation) and electromyograms (the neuro-muscular signals along with the electrical discharges resulting from the depolarization of the muscle cells).

Those are the three major components that are contributing to the signals that are captured. The raw signals of three separate inputs are then amplified and streamed into the PC using a high speed USB 2.0 protocol. Of course, the signals that are picked up by the sensors are what is called "mass potentials" or "mass discharges" of all factors that are contributing at various amplitudes and levels. This makes it necessary to digest the signals into the individual components, which is done using some quite sophisticated mathematical operations including Fast Fourier Transformation.

On the software level, we moved away from a single-threaded program to a fully multi-threaded version that can operate either in text mode (when on the desktop) or else ports directly into the DirectX platform using the DotNET framework. The beauty of this is that because of the thread level parallelism, the signals that are converted into key strokes are seamlessly integrated into the game play, moreover, since the threads are given low priority compared to the actual game play, they will not compete with the actual game for CPU resources. That means that critical computations necessary for the game play will always be executed first, since it really does not matter whether there are a few microseconds delay in the computation of the key strokes that are executed for user input.

The biggest advantage of using the NIA over a mouse is that the actual reaction times are about 30% to 60% shorter than what one can realistically achieve with a mouse. The reason is that any mouse click requires processing of the retinal signal by the visual cortex, then relaying the result to the motor centers at the substantia nigra in the brain and finally through the spinal cord out to the peripheral nerves that innervate the finger muscles. This process takes on average some 200 milliseconds, whereas for example an eye-lid reflex is in the order of 50 to 100 milliseconds and the advantage becomes very tangible in game play since many of the actions are triggered by natural reflexes. This type of reflex-based gaming is what most of the pros are using, however, it takes them several years of practice to get to this point whereas with the NIA, reflexes are taking over within the short time it takes to become accustomed with the setup.


ok mc you win the award for the most weirdest item ever to be posted -

if anyone buys this can they post a review

got to give it heat for inventiveness

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Its mad isnt't it!? Would also love to hear from anyone who has used one ...

Its great - I've typed this using my mind.

Rubbish lol

They may have fixed them by now but I tried one back when they were released and it was seriously poop. Only buy it if you want to have a mess around, don't buy one to replace your keyboard/mouse because it cannot heh.

Most of it works off facial muscle movements yet it is marketted as some sort of brain scanning device, bit of a scam really.


Its great - I've typed this using my mind.:)

I boobs have boobs also boobs posted boobs this boobs with boobs my boobs mind boobs :thumbsup:

You need to be careful though, lots of stuff going on in blokes minds ;-)

It reads your brainwaves, yes, but not your thoughts - it can use impulses to trigger an event - but these are like sending the inpule to clench your jaw to move forward. Not exactly "natural".


get windows 7, its got great speech recognition

So has XP and Vista.


i mean, it actually works! which is more miraculous than any brain wave … i mean, it actually works! which is more miraculous than any brain wave monitor.

Any comparison with Dragon? I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking at the moment, which works reasonably well, but I would certainly be interested in anything which is better.

what happens when ur on xxx site and your brains waves are all tangles up and someone walks in:whistling:


A quick google shopping search, and i've found it ]cheaper @ Microdirect … A quick google shopping search, and i've found it ]cheaper @ Microdirect (£69.54).Or ]Scan, or ]CCL, or ]overclockersuk

Total price including VAT and delivery £74.13

Maybe free delivery at scan possible?


Total price including VAT and delivery £74.13Maybe free delivery at scan … Total price including VAT and delivery £74.13Maybe free delivery at scan possible?

Yep, I get free delivery thanks to ]avforums - don't know if there are any other ways of getting it.

So, you guys who have the NIA. Could you tell me a little about how to control movement in games, ie WASD. Is it simply a case of thinking about moving or do you actually need to map the controls to parts of your body to move, ie individual fingers which you then need to move in the game?

Could you actually stand at your computer and walk forward to get the game to go forward? Or does it not work like that? Would it not be able to tell the difference between moving forward/backward/side to side because they're all movements of your legs, albeit very slightly different.

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