OCZ Reaper 2GB Dual Channel Memory Kit DDR2 1066Mhz PC2-8500 - £23.08 @ Microdirect

OCZ Reaper 2GB Dual Channel Memory Kit DDR2 1066Mhz PC2-8500 - £23.08 @ Microdirect

Found 26th Jan 2009
The cheapest 1066Mhz memory I could find.

£20.22 + £2.86 delivery. Title says it all really.

Go through Quidco for a possible 60p cashback!


out of stock

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Already? That was short lived. They were out of stock last week, but back in yesterday.

Man thats annoying I could of squeezed that bit more out of my Q6600

Bought this exact set around 18 months ago for approx £130 from microdirect too - and returned faulty within 6 weeks.... both sticks returned many errors during testing prior to me sending them back. Now don't get me wrong, they may be perfectly fine as ram goes, but it just seemed rather a coincidence that BOTH sticks of ram went faulty at the same time. Ram can go wrong, everyone knows this, but I have NEVER heard of 2 sticks going wrong at exactly the same time before. I now don't trust OCZ when it comes to ram anyway... especially as that little occurrence would've left me without a computer for 6 weeks if I hadn't gone out and bought some much cheaper kingston ram that's still going strong to this day and haven't had any problems with it at all...... just warning you.

Would be hot if they were in stock.

Micro Direct are the pits, so count yourselves lucky it's expired!!

I had nothing but problems with this ram and my Asus P5Q pro mobo. Check your motherboards recommended vendors for ram.

Personally I would only recommend Kingston, Crucial or Corsair. :thumbsup:

ive got the 4gb version of this, brilliant stuff

i'm using a P5Q and mines fine
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