Odama with microphone for gamecube £4.99 at gamestation

Odama with microphone for gamecube £4.99 at gamestation

Found 18th Aug 2008
went to metro centre yesterday and they had odama for the gamecube, all boxed with microphone up for £4.99 preowned. but it wanst preowned but new! still had original seal on!
its the same price online but iwht £1 delivery (not sort if these will be sealed or not) but the next cheapest are £16.25 used from chips or £17.99 new from softuk


the metro centre rocks

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the metro centre rocks

yeah i also got a dreamcast game that i didnt have (DC was my first proper console and i love it to bits! also always tend to be the same games for sale everywhere!) the cost? 5p!!! it looks brand new and the hindges are perfect!
the only problem i have with this store is that it now puts god awful security labels on everything, 3 on the odama box! which has ruined it.
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