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Odeon Limitless (Non West End) £119 (With Code) Plus £15 Amazon Voucher) @ Odeon

£119£17030% off
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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Odeon my limitless. This is a very temporary fix for the recent offer that didn't work for the gift card of 1 years membership for £119.

The difference is you will need an account, and the subscription starts straight away.

Instead of offers and gifts, go to the membership section of the site. Click on the £14.99 monthly option and on the next page you will have the option to pay for a year at £119. On the payment section, use code Freshers22 for a £15 amazon voucher. Effectively £104 if you were going to spend £15 at amazon anyway.

Info added by @PD2K79

Amazon Voucher - Terms

Free £15 Amazon e-voucher when you sign up to myLIMITLESS

We’re offering a FREE £15 Amazon e-voucher* when you sign up to myLIMITLESS.

Use the promocode Freshers22 when you sign up to myLIMITLESS by 31 October 2022.

To receive your £15 Amazon e-voucher (“Gift Card”), join myLIMITLESS online between 13 September and 31 October 2022 (inclusive) and enter the promotional code Freshers22 during the sign-up journey in the promo code box.

Offer is valid for new members only. For full offer terms, see ODEON.co.uk/terms/mylimitless-student

Limitless - Membership Benefits

See all our films, as often as you like

myLIMITLESS is your ultimate film companion. Taking you on endless adventures and giving you all the big-screen thrills again, and again, and again…

For one monthly fee you can see as many of our films, as often as you like.

10% off selected food and drink

Can you imagine cinema without that box of popping popcorn, or without our mouth-watering nachos with cheese or without an icy-cold Ice Blast? Neither can we.

As a myLIMITLESS member, you can enjoy 10% off selected food and drinks at any ODEON cinema.

Invitations to exclusive member screenings

As a myLIMITLESS member, you get exclusive invites to see upcoming films before they’re even released.

So you can see the next big film before anyone else. The ultimate film fan bragging rights.

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  1. Avatar
    If only you could use headphones for audio in cinemas.
    Sick of hearing people stuff their faces with the noisiest foods on earth!
    Or talk about the film while it's playing!
    Once had some people seated directly behind seemingly translating the whole movie for someone in their party!...
    I'd have gone mental if it wasn't for being on a date. I don't imagine that'd make for a good look.
    You are looking for the Audio description headphones, which every odeon has in almost all screenings- you control the volume on them and can either have the audio descriptions, or the audio of the film. Get the headphones, adjust the volume accordingly, job done.
  2. Avatar
    Be careful! Cineworld (the parent group that owns Odeon, Vue and picturehouse) has declared bankruptcy so I'd be interested in knowing what you can expect if they entirely close - probably absolutely nothing back, it'll be in the small print


    Cold due to the uncertainty with the businesses near future (edited)
    Cineworld doesn't own Odeon. They don't own Vue either
  3. Avatar
    Hey op, where did you see this? Only article I can find is for October 2020.

    Be interested to read up on it, thank you 🙏 (edited)
  4. Avatar
    Does this include greater london cinemas, such as Acton, Uxbridge, Richmond, Putney etc
    I think it does. If you want West End included, click the £2.00 supplement and on the next page you'll see the price is £135 (£15 amazon voucher as well making it potentially £120)
  5. Avatar
    Odeon is officially the worst cinema chain. Only used my local one once and never again!
    You hardly seem sufficiently qualified or experienced to make that verdict.
  6. Avatar
    Great price, head added for sure, but avoid if your local Odeon is Blackpool, because they’re not renewing the lease in June next year.

    On that note, I wonder what happens if your local Odeon permanently closes during the year?
    They say its good in every other odeon. There terms on the offer would never say they refund you if you gotta travel X distance.
  7. Avatar
    Free for me every sunday or monday with o2
    How does that work?
  8. Avatar
    While no doubt this is a decent price the fact you can't use it with meerkat movies to take a guest for free is a downside. Unlike the cineworld unlimited card which lets you..
    I agree, but Cineworld may not be an option in the very near future. It would be so great if they accepted Meerkat movies with this though.
  9. Avatar
    I've seen limitless, OK movie, Bradley Cooper was great, but definitely not worth £119.
  10. Avatar
    Says some sort of error when going to the final page to pay... tried with a few different devices. Oh well, would have been a great deal if it had worked.
    Managed to buy it with Safari. Didn't work with Chrome or Samsung browser for some reason.
  11. Avatar
    You need to be 18 or over?
    I think in their T&C's the age mentioned on the odeon website was 16 and over when I looked during the recent Groupon offer.
  12. Avatar
    Purchased 2 yesterday, had the first outing today and will go again on Wednesday..no brainer really and very nearly bit last week when the amazon code wasnt included.
    Does the process provide a code voucher to use? Or merely activate your membership at that point?
  13. Avatar
    I presume your pass has a picture on it? With 2 young kids, seeing non animated films at the cinema are a thing of the past. Always thought it would be great if I could share one with the OH but I’m certain that’s not possible
    In my Odeon no one ever bother to check your pass. You book your ticket online with your annual pass, download your ticket on your phone (or to someone!), they at the cinema scan the ticket just like any other normal ticket and you (or someone!) are in.
    Don't know how strict are other Odeons.
  14. Avatar
    Is the £15 Amazon voucher for new members only?
  15. Avatar
    What is there to watch?
    Even if there was a blockbuster every month for 12 months would still cost less at £5 a ticket per movie. I can see why cinemas are struggling, streaming content is killing it.
    If I lived walking distance to one I think I'd go a couple of times a week. At least weekly. Been to see Maverick 3 times. They seem to have some older films on some nights of the week as well. Would have got this deal if I was close but it's traveling there and back and trying to get parked.
  16. Avatar
    Not much worth watching this year, Top Gun Maverick was the only decent release to my mind
  17. Avatar
    can you pay monthly
    Only at the regular price ( £14.99)
  18. Avatar
    Would have got this if they let us use Meerkat codes.
  19. Avatar
    My odeon is in the next town now sadly. I have cinema de luxe
  20. Avatar
    Does this process provide a voucher code or activate and go live your membership at this point? I want to active mine mid Nov.
  21. Avatar
    Are there limits to how often you can go?
  22. Avatar
    Wondering if I cancelled my limitless this week whether I would be able to do this as technically a new customer
  23. Avatar
    How come the top of this deal says "This deal expires today at 23:59"? The main deal states "Use the promocode Freshers22 when you sign up to myLIMITLESS by 31 October 2022."
    The £119 price is time sensitive. The original offer ended last week but nobody could purchase it. They've added this price to the site as a workaround.
  24. Avatar
    Cineworld is not the parent company of Odeon
  25. Avatar
    The deal is still active