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ODEON Loyalty card scheme - £1=10 points, receive rewards in free tickets/drinks/food
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ODEON Loyalty card scheme - £1=10 points, receive rewards in free tickets/drinks/food

Posted 20th Oct 2009Available: National

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Been a while since I've posted, wasn't sure how to phrase it but will do my best!

ODEON has started a loyalty card scheme so for every £1 you spend you get 10 points. You first must buy a card, and then depending on what you've got reap in the rewards.

The breakdwon of rewards is:

Small soft drinks (Dispensed drinks only): 300 ODEON Points
Small sweet or salted popcorn (Loose popcorn only): 400 ODEON Points
Standard seat ticket: 800 ODEON Points
Premier seat ticket: 1000 ODEON Points
Gallery seat ticket: 1500 ODEON Points

The options for buying a card are: (and it is always 10 points per pound except for the £9.99 which makes it double points - 20 per pound, for the first month).

Buy a card for: £1.99 Get 100 Introductory ODEON Points
Classic Film Fan Package

Buy a card for: £4.99 Get 500 Introductory ODEON Points

Buy a card for: £9.99 Get 1000 Introductory ODEON Points
PLUS double points for one month

Now I totalled it all up and I reckon you don't gain much at all, or maybe you even lose out (or my maths is awful I don't know... and it depends what you use your point on...) but its not too bad for the regular goer maybe! (Please let me know if I have totally cocked up maths wise)

Every point roughly equates to a penny too I think... so maybe in decades from now... you get a free ticket? (eg. every £80?) but I mean its not bad to have. If you do go a lot, for example, if you get the £1.99 card, it gives you 100 points which means you essentially bought the card for 99p not a big loss... with the £9.99 you get double points the first month which makes points up, and you get £10 in points....

I'm sorry guys! I fail at maths and its 4am! Good luck! Hope knowing about the card might help I guess they do work out in the long run! (for 99p which can be earned back after spending £10 like a trip to the cinema with popcorn)... that's hardly much to then recieve points every time you go thereafter
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Buy a card for: £1.99 Get 100 Introductory ODEON Points + £20 spend to get another 200 ODEON Points :roll:
= FANTASTIC Reward is a Small soft drink (Dispensed drinks only) @ 300 ODEON Points - which is a post mix water & syrup drink worth about 10 pence max for £21.99 !!! :w00t:

VERY COLD ;-) what a con :x
1 seat free for every 10 you buy.....maybe not the greatest offer but not bad

& if you buy the ultimate card then the free seat pretty much pays for the card
Not a bad idea , as better than nothing............... but i do wish companies lower their prices rather than give out points / rewards etc. For example movie £2.50 , pop corn 45p and coke 50p. ........ i will go everyday !!!............:-D
I always pop my own corn (oo-er Mrs!) in the microwave and make up a drink before I go. There is no way I am going to pay a cinemas stupid price for their beverages. Things like popcorn must be something like 1000% profit so no loyalty scheme is going to entice me.
why is this voted cold? i've had 5 free tickets
i take my son to the cinema when i can and my man got me the odeon card it is well worth it cos i would have gone to the same films ive been to see anyway so this way i have got myself a free ticket or free sweets if you are going in a crowd then you can pay all together and the points will mount up you get points on the sweets and drinks as well
Admittedly I'm not that regular a cinema-goer. Since getting an Odeon card here in Ireland in April 2012, we've gone to an odeon cinema 6 times (have gone to other movies in non-odeon cinemas with friends though). That's works out as 12 tickets, and at least 4 of those were for iSense so more expensive tickets.

We've finally earned enough for a standard adult 2D ticket. But not enough for an iSense ticket.
Perhaps our points earning power is hampered by not buying their overpriced popcorn/drinks very often

Really doesn't seem great. Even if a couple went twice a month, it'd be 3 months before you'd get 1 free ticket.
Better than nothing, but not by a lot. It's not enough to encourage someone to choose Odeon over another cinema IMO.
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