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Posted 1 September 2022

Odeon myLimitless Membership 12 months - £119 per year (£135 including West End) @ Odeon

£119£17030% off
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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Offer on myOdeon Limitless membership direct at Odeon, 30% saving. Choice of Odeon Limitless membership 12 months for £119 per year (equivalent of £9.92 a month), or if you want to include West End (ODEON Luxe Leicester Square, ODEON Luxe Haymarket and ODEON Luxe West End), works out at £135 per year (equivalent of £11.25 a month). To get this price, go to odeon.co.uk/gif…re/ and then scroll down and choose the preferred option.


Odeon myLimitless Membership 12 months - £119 per year (£135 per year including West End).

Save 30% off a whole year of movies*For a limited time only we're offering a whopping 30% off myLIMITLESS** when you buy a year's membership upfront.

See all our films as often as you like - or gift that movie fanatic in your life with back to back blissful entertainment. Now from only £119 for the whole year, instead of £170.

**Terms and conditions apply. Price shown reflects discounted rate. Only available on myLIMITLESS annual gifted membership when purchased between 30.08.2022 until 13.09.2022 inclusive. myLIMITLESS pay upfront is on offer at £119 instead of £170, and myLIMITLESS with West End on offer at £135, instead of standard £170. Offer excludes all monthly myLIMITLESS memberships.

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  1. Avatar
    How financially secure is Odeon when you see Cineworld on verge of bankruptcy?
    If you purchased with any credit card and the provider was unable to provide the paid-for service, s75 protection would kick in and you could recoup any unusable portion from the credit card co
  2. Avatar
    Does anyone know how long the voucher is valid for.
    The T&Cs say the membership begins when the gift code is validated, but they don't say how long the code is valid before expiry.
    Regular gift cards are valid for 2 years, not sure if these are classed as regular gift cards.
    Says this in the T&C's of the offer on the payment page:

    '7. Codes purchased from ODEON are valid for 6 months from when the Purchaser purchased the Code. Codes purchased in other ways may have a different validity period and/or a fixed expiry date. Codes can only be used during their validity period. No refund will be payable to the Purchaser or the Redeemer in relation to an expired Code'.

    But T&C's on the add to basket page of this offer say this;

    '7. Codes purchased from ODEON are valid for 5 years from when the Purchaser purchased the Code. Codes purchased in other ways may have a different validity period and/or a fixed expiry date, but will be valid for a minimum of 5 years. Codes can only be used during their validity period. No refund will be payable to the Purchaser or the Redeemer in relation to an expired Code'.

    That's really bad to have different sets of terms for the same offer. So is it 6 months validity or 5 years? Who knows? I wouldn't be surprised if Odeon themselves don't know! (edited)
  3. Avatar
    Does anyone know if Odeon send out retention offers, to people who try & cancel existing Limitless memberships ?
    I cancelled a few months ago due to underwhelming new releases (IMO)… was offered nothing.
  4. Avatar
    Great price at a tenner a month the Leeds/Bradford odeon is pretty decent with the reclining seats. Although with the weekly odeon Freebie via 02 that makes it less appealing. Cineworld in Bradford is also a tenner a month for their unlimited card. But as we know the future is looking uncertain for Cineworld.

    The other thing I'm not too sure about is I don't think you can use limitless with meerkat movies to get a friend in as well. Unlike Cineworld unlimited which does allow you to take a friend using a meerkat movies code. (edited)
    Your suspicion about meerkat movies is correct. I had it confirmed to me by a manager. Shame…..
  5. Avatar
    Does this have an age restriction? Could it be used by someone 15?
    Minimum age for membership is 16 by the look of it. But you could purchase now and activate it when they reach 16?
  6. Avatar
    I'd sign up to this if it wasn't for a free odeon ticket via O2 every week
    How do you get this
  7. Avatar
    Was very slightly cheaper on Black Friday last year (just checked and I paid £115 for a year), but this is still a good price. Voted hot.
    Technically this is actually a better deal if you take inflation into account
  8. Avatar
    Cheaper than running my boiler.
  9. Avatar
    Adding to basket, "Sorry, something went wrong"
    I've got the same trying tonight. I feel a phone call to customer services in my immediate future.
  10. Avatar
    Good deal, I got the Groupon one at £135 Inc West end which I don't need, £119 is great.
  11. Avatar
    £10 a month it works out as. Would surprised if this could be beaten!
    Paid less for this in November, granted only a fiver less!
  12. Avatar
    Just a heads up, I bought one last year. It had to be activated by May this year (which I did). However, there have been very few new films released recently. There are a lot of re-releases coming out. If you do buy it now, it may be worth waiting for some films you want to see before you activate your pass.
    That is what I was hoping to hear, is the time limit for activation 1 year?
  13. Avatar
    Still a dearth of decent films I actually want to see

    I'm going to see Top Gun 2 for £3 at the weekend but that's about it
  14. Avatar
    How do I go about applying this if I'm already a limitless user who pays monthly? Would I just buy this then cancel my DD? Anyone know?
    The payment is not a DD, it is a reoccurring payment so not that easy to cancel. You have to write to Odeon to give 30 days notice of wanting to cancel. (edited)
  15. Avatar
    What about Luxe?
  16. Avatar
    Wish VUE would do this. Only Cinema near me!
    My Local Vue and a lot of Vues do £5 tickets everyday now anyway and I definitely don't see two movies every month

    Once a year tops
  17. Avatar
    I want to get this and very nearly did last time it dropped, but I only want something that’ll include the recliners, so I’m wondering if there’s an upgrade option?
    I’m not a snob, but if we go to the cinema, it needs to be comfy - and my 2 local Odeons have recliners.
    We upgraded to premier seats last week, cost £2.
  18. Avatar
    Love mine. Can't wait for more films to come out. August has been slow.
    I watch a lot of films between the different cinemas usually odeon, Cineworld and showcase. So soon get to watch the ones I want to. This weekend there are at least six films that I haven't seen. And that was just at Cineworld so things are picking up.
  19. Avatar
    Can they be used by anyone or are they personal with photo. Be great if kids could use if we weren't using them.
    You have to upload a photo, it's an app now rather that a card. I've been a member about 4 years, go about 4 times a month, and have never been asked to show my card or app.
  20. Avatar
    Buy pass. Turn off heating. Watch films all day in warm cinema. Paid for in a month…
    This might be an option for some instead of sitting in wetherspoons. Drinking tea or coffee for 99p all day.
  21. Avatar
    My membership is up in need of November. Can i use this offer to renew at that point?
  22. Avatar
    Does the odeon gift cards work on this?
    I couldnt see an option to pay by gift card online.
  23. Avatar
    Does anyone know if you can stack membership? I always have limitless until March 23
    No, it says the gift membership can't be applied to an existing membership.
  24. Avatar
    This is a fantastic deal. Like an earlier poster , I got the same deal via Groupon
  25. Avatar
    Odeon grabbing as much cash as it can before folding
  26. Avatar
    Can I buy now and delay the start date by putting in the code at a later date?
    Yes, if you read the earlier comments on the thread I think you have up to 12 months to activate it.
  27. Avatar
    Hmm could be cheaper going to the cinema every day for a few hours in this winter than keeping your home warm.

    Definitely hot.
  28. Avatar
    Shame about Cineword they were miles better than Odeon in terms of service, snacks and cleanliness. Odeon score very low but charge more than the others. Imagine they do better just simply because they are a much larger cinema chain and more accessible to the cinema goer.

    On another note as regular cinema-goer pre pandemic I have noticed a real dearth of releases to actually go and see. I know this is because of Covid filming delays but it hasn't exactly gotten much better this year so I think it is more to do with studios pushing back certain films as they don't want several of them releasing at the same time competing for ticket sales but it doesn't help if you have no desire to see the 1 film they are pushing hard (Top Gun) (edited)
    The cinema has always been up and down regarding new releases. I had an unlimited card for around 6 years. And some weeks there were loads of new films to watch. And some weeks hardly any. Granted some of that is down to personal taste in films. Like this week there are 6 films on at Cineworld that I wouldn't mind watching. Had I not been busy tomorrow I would have watched a few as it's national Cinema day and all seats are £3. So it will be really busy at virtually all cinemas tomorrow. I think we all have different experiences at cinemas depending on which ones we visit. Not had many problems in the years I've been going and I use Cineworld, odeon, Vue, showcase and reel cinema.
  29. Avatar
    Cold for me sadly (won't vote either way), because no 4DX. That's the only reason to go to the cinema. My cineworld unlimited expired in August and I will wait until there is clarity before doing anything else.
  30. Avatar
    Shame they dont include isense with this you have to pay extra odean always rip you off and customer service is Odious if youll pardon the pun
    Its only £2 or £3 for Dolby. As long as your cinema is a Luxe it's still worth it. I wouldn't bother otherwise
  31. Avatar
    I usually just go for free with Meercat movies.

    Invite friend, get them to pay for there ticket, get in free!
  32. Avatar
    Does the person have to be 18+ or can this be used for a 13 yr old as well?
  33. Avatar
    Lots of comments saying these can’t be used for existing customers…my subscription started last September, I have just renewed using the gift card and Odeon Customer service confirmed over live chat that after this months payment, my membership runs to next year.
    So you can apply the code, even if you're an existing member? My membership ends in November
  34. Avatar
    I wouldn't worry about odeon going bust. They are owned by AMC, the largest cinema chain in the world who are financially stable for the medium term
  35. Avatar
    Is this limitless membership for 1 or 2 persons for£119?
    And does it have to be same person every time you go to watch movie
  36. Avatar
    Is this membership for 1 or 2 parsons for £119
    And does have to be same parson every time when you watch movie if it’s for 2 person?
  37. Avatar
    One person, only cardholder
  38. Avatar
    Tempted, used to be a member, but struggle to find things to watch (I don't enjoy horror, cartoons or superhero films). Serious problem getting comedy and drama to the screen atm theguardian.com/fil…her
  39. Avatar
    Error message still happening. On line chat today saying offer will be extended
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