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FREE Poster When You Book To See 'Glass' @ Odeon
TODAYTODAYFound 13 h, 46 m agoFound 13 h, 46 m ago
Obviously not worth it if you weren't going to see it anyway, but a reason to choose odeon over others! :) Worlds collide as Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson and James McAvoy’s c… Read more
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Was it good?


Just watched this movie today and as above they are left in the Camden Town cinema for anyone to take. This film is connected to the Bruce Willis film Unbreakable and the film split with James macvoy


Yeah. I would see it I'm not in two crowds


I left the cinema at about 10 yesterday and it was just an open table for anyone to walk past and grab one, there were multiple other films posters there too so I assume they didn't mind as mucb


I went to see glass at odeon on Friday and they wh3re only giving the posters out to people who have seen the film . thus is the policy for the first weekend

Exclusive Mary Poppins Returns activity book between Dec 21st and 23rd at Odeon Cinemas
Found 14th Dec 2018Found 14th Dec 2018
Every child will receive an exclusive Mary Poppins Returns activity book between December 21 – 23. Terms and conditions apply child tickets only, 12 years and under

It’s very good trust me 8 out of 10 from me and that’s very good for a follow up after all these years


@donkeydavid its been hyped up for weeks, I just hope it is as good as the critics say it is, I’ve been looking forward to it. (popcorn)


nice surprise for the children


Reviews are out now, and have been very positive. Empire gave it 4/5 . I was a little worried as the director also did Into The Woods, which I didn't enjoy.


Hope this film doesn't disappoint! Massive fan of original!

Cinema Ticket prices NOW £5.00 @ Leicester Odeon
LocalLocalFound 23rd Nov 2018Found 23rd Nov 2018
As of 31st October Leicester Odeon have slashed their ticket prices down to £5 permanently, everyday low prices for all age brackets including children/senior and family! Note: T… Read more

Still full price in my local (annoyed)


I'm still laughing at this after 5 whole minutes of chuckling.


My girlfriend booked tickets to see Black Panther for my birthday earlier this year and gave me the tickets during lunch near Leicester Square. She was devastated when I pointed out she'd booked for Leicester.


Leicester Odeon is awful, overhead lights on during the movie and a centre staircase that messes with sound - cheap price for a reason.


Leicester Sq at £5 a ticket would have been an amazing deal.

Free £40 Amazon Gift Card With ODEON LIMITLESS
Found 23rd Nov 2018Found 23rd Nov 2018
When you sign up to Odeon limitless between the 23rd and the 25th you can enter the code BF18 at checkout to receive a £40 Amazon Gift Card. This is valid if you pay for the whol… Read more

Ah, right. Thanks. I've contacted Odeon Twitter and they've since said the same. They've asked for details, I assume they're going to apply the promotion. Thanks again.


It's mentioned on the first page of the sign up process under a link that says "Do you have an ODEON Limitless gift membership voucher or promotional code?" Admittedly I had to go through the pages a couple of times until I noticed it myself. It said it was successfully applied, but I'm not entirely convinced as it wasn't mentioned again during the sign-up process.


Just signed up to this, no way to enter the BF18 code.


Yeah, my local Odeon’s are Kingston, which is amazing, and Richmond, which is old and falling down. Yet Richmond cinema with their tiny screen costs £15 and Kingston costs £14 roughly for a ticket. It’s madness. Then is we want to see an IMAX at Kingston, it’s £5 extra. The recliner screen is an extra £3. So good.


iTzKaepernick: They jack the price up at mine by 1-2 quid for the "big" releases so a basic ticket is always atleast a tenner! Two films a month pays for itself! I'll see if my does that, I think they used but I think they stopped recently, not sure when but last time I went to the cinema was Avengers infinity war, Odeon was £8 than but now it seems all prices are £5 according to their website (not including 75p booking fee) Anyway there isn't really 2 good films to watch every month

Disneys Christopher Robin 75p tickets @ Odeon Metrocentre
LocalLocalFound 9th Nov 2018Found 9th Nov 2018
Odeon Metrocentre kids screening of disneys christopher robin sat 10th and sun 11th November D-Box seats only 75p each. Other tickets £3.25

Goodbye Christopher Robin is far superior to this


Dbox is only in the MetroCentre. In Liverpool my local has just been upgraded to deluxe recliners and omg they are amazing. They lay back, trays for drinks and food is massive and the room is so spacious


Me and the kids really enjoyed this movie.


Can you find d box tickets just looking for any movie online ?


Hello there

Free 'Bohemian Rhapsody' Wristband when you book to see Bohemian Rhapsody @ Odeon
Found 26th Oct 2018Found 26th Oct 2018
Just watched Bohemian Rhapsody at Odeon and got a free wristband. Not sure what i'm gonna do with it but Queen fans might like this. If you see the movie by latest 27th October you… Read more
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saw it at iMax, not much of a fan of queen but was one of the best films I’ve seen in a long time. Well rated on IMDb too.


I was transfixed to it and really enjoyed the film, looking for people to go with me to watch it again. Critics reviews are just sour, I don't get some of them, as if they haven't watched the film properly. Go the cinema and enjoy the audio at least. Deffo worth a watch.


IMDb score is currently 8.4 which is very high, so people seem to like it more than the critics - looking forward to it anyway


I'm a massive Queen fan and I loved it. Not totally accurate and the timeline is a little skewed but the actors are amazing at playing the band and I think I cried for the last 15/20 mins of the film. Even my 10 year old came out crying as she loved it so much.


Each to their own I guess but I honestly thought it was a 9 out of 10 film. I am not a diehard queen fan by any stretch but I thought the story was told wonderfully and the musical elements fantastically weaved in.

3x free cinema tickets for films on three days: Nov 6, 7 & 8 @ ODEON Bath
LocalLocalFound 26th Oct 2018Found 26th Oct 2018
The Other Side of Everything / Druga strana svega [Documentary from Serbia, IMDb 8.4] Date / Time: 6th of November at 6 pm Tickets: https://bathboxoffice.org.uk/whatson/the-oth… Read more
Get a free scoop of Ben & Jerry's when you buy 1/2/3 scoops at ODEON
LocalLocalFound 1st Oct 2018Found 1st Oct 2018
Seems a good deal if you are last minute and haven't had time to buy food before going in, of course ice cream has to be bought last minute anyway. Not sure if at all ODEONs or pla… Read more

Offer was on in Liverpool - mind you the ice cream is so expensive in the cinema so the free scoop helps make the price more realistic. Heat added - thanks for posting.

Fight Club - back on the big screen at Odeon for £5.75 - Nationwide 01/10/18
Found 28th Sep 2018Found 28th Sep 2018
Don't know what has prompted this, but Fight Club is showing at Odeon cinemas nationwide on 01 October 2018 at 8.15pm and tickets are only £5.75 each (including for premium seats).… Read more
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I think the message is how modern life and consumerism has made us all dependent. How far we've come from our primitive selves. If the supermarket shelves went empty tomorrow how would we cope? Do we have any trace of the instinct to survive?


His Name is Robert Paulson




I have two older brothers who delighted in torturing me with all the latest and greatest horrors when I was a kid. American Werewolf in London is one of my favourites - an absolute classic.


Well spotted! Released in 81. Two years before you were born?

Odeon tickets for £5 or 20% off ticket via Virgin Red
Refreshed 31st Oct 2018Refreshed 31st Oct 2018
Odeon have joined Virgin Red to offer tickets for £5. 1000 tickets for £5 each week until end of year. Must be used by Nov 30th 2019. 2D movies only. Please note the £5 tickets … Read more

I had issues with this. The codes I got said M25 (London) but we live outside London


My local is £5 or even cheaper for students plus 20% off


Odeon in Port Solent Portsmouth just went £5 every ticket every day, and now matches Vue in Gunwharf..


shame no odeon near me


They have some good offers on from time to time so it’s worth checking

ODEON kids movies - £2.50 Saturday and Sunday mornings
Found 12th Sep 2018Found 12th Sep 2018
Imaginations run wild. At family-friendly prices. Big adventures. Far-far-away lands. Unforgettable characters. The enchantment of cinema starts from your very first visit. Share… Read more

£1 in Dorchester


It's £3.25 at my local odeon which is a total rip off. It was okay when it was £1.50 a while back but it's definitely not worth it now as my local independent cinema shows new release kids movies for £3.50 before 12pm and £4.50 for later shows.


Only this price in certain areas I think.


Kid AM showings being running for years, not a new "deal"!


We pay £2.50 at our odeon and never pre order tickets and get charged 75 pence

40% off in sep at Odeon cinemas when you visit before 31st August
Found 27th Aug 2018Found 27th Aug 2018
40% off in sep at Odeon cinemas when you visit before 31st August
Just seen this deal when booking tickets if u go before 31aug u get a 49% off to use in sep

Went today got 2 lots ov 40% off with a family of 4


I was given the voucher on a Meerkat night when I used my Meerkat code.


It’s only £4 a ticket at the near me


Not that great a deal. As you have to visit them first so the overall discount is 20%. Unless they give you a voucher on a BOGOF Meerkat night. Some workplaces can get you 40% off tickets anyway. I would rather wait for a Groupon deal. Also depends what your local cinema standard price is.Some cinemas do a £5 Thursday. More competition means better pricing.



Found 18th Aug 2018Found 18th Aug 2018
Rare cinema screening of The Dark Knight at BFI IMAX Waterloo - Tickets are being booked out fast so hurry up! Tickets are £14.25 with a MyOdeon discount!
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Thanks man. Booked.


Yes, very few scenes in this are imax. Robbery scene at the start, the car chase and the bit where batman jumps across the buildings. Can't remember any more but the aspect ratio does jump around.


So is this another case of only having like a small minority of actual IMAX shots? I'm really not a fan at all of having an aspect ratio that wildly changes. I can accept maybe having some title bars for 'chapters' or something, but the way it's done with IMAX is just jarring. EDIT: Booked anyways. lol Love this movie too much and prices were cheaper than I was expecting.


Over 15 quid to watch a 10 year old film ZOMFG this is gonna go nuclear!!


Are they only showing at this one location or are they gonna do any more showings in other locations?

Free posters at odeon
Found 5th Aug 2018Found 5th Aug 2018
Free posters at odeon
Help yourself to free posters at odeon. Visiting the local odeon in liverpool and found a table full of small posters to help yourself too. A box was also located on the side wit… Read more
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Dont sell them kids as they are great to keep and remember in years to come. I work in a cinema in the 80's and have loads....now worth a mint, but won't part with them.....my pension!


Aren't these a studio thing - not unique to Odeon cinemas? To be fair I do visit a lot of cinemas and it's usually the Odeon chain that have the posters (Currently they are giving away Hotel Transylvania stickers along with posters). Dundonald Omniplex has postcards for live events, never seen any free posters there... The Movie house chain I have really only seen programmes rather than posters, can't recall what the IMC chain has either. Odessey & Strand don't do posters either,weird... The manager @ the Strand explained to me that the studios don't like the big posters being sold and he showed me the cinemas collection of posters (proper big A0 ones)? A4 posters are promotional material that I believe the cinema has to opt in on - they are distributed freely by the studios for promotional use. I don't believe they are commissioned by the Odeon, they just seem to offer them more so than the other cinemas


Used to love a poster from the cinema, the rolled ones were great. The modern A4 paper thin ones are however rubbish, even if they are free


They were giving away 4? free ones (A4 size?) when I went to see Infinity War a while ago. 2 versions going at present for Ant Man (supposed to be Ant Man during the first week and Wasp during the second week or something along those lines).


My friend got a couple of huge gorgeous Beauty & the Beast and Belle ones from the Odeon Dundee when the film was out. They were asking for donations to charity in return for the posters. No set price for the donation & a fantastic idea. Thanks for sharing.

Odeon Limitless card for £153 for blue light card holders
Found 1st Aug 2018Found 1st Aug 2018
If you have a blue light card you can buy one outright. If you haven’t got a blue light card buy it off someone who has one. There’s cheaper ways of Odeon tickets but if you want l… Read more
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What other cheap odeon limitless deals are there? I can’t sign up for the blue light card, cause I don’t work in the line of work needed.


You have to sign up to blue light. Then you can get it on their website. This deals been around for ages though.


Just make one post instead of two :)


I can't seem to find this offer. Is it on Odeon or do I have to sign up to the Blue Light Card before I can see this offer?

Odeon - Exclusive poster giveaways when you book to see 'Ant-Man and the Wasp'
Found 27th Jul 2018Found 27th Jul 2018
Odeon - Exclusive poster giveaways when you book to see 'Ant-Man and the Wasp'
Two new posters from the artist who did Odeon's Infinity War posters, Matt Ferguson. Poster one of Ant-Man will be available between 2nd - 5th August Poster two of The Wasp w… Read more

One or the other, but it's still to small for me to be considered a poster.


Are you sure you don't mean A4? A5 would be closer to being a postcard than a poster.


Good! I'll have room for it on my fridge :)


It's a terrible A5 sized poster.


Well done

20% off at Disney Store when booking to see Incredibles 2 @ Odeon Cinemas
Found 17th Jul 2018Found 17th Jul 2018
20% off at Disney Store when booking to see Incredibles 2 @ Odeon Cinemas
Take advantage of this deal if booking to see the incredibles. Applies automatically. Don't forget meerkat movies every Tuesday and Wednesday.

Groupon occasionally have deals for £5 tickets but they don’t always have the deal on... keep an eye out. I’ve also noticed it is cheaper to go on certain days of week: prices get increased over weekend and on Fridays


If you search on eBay they have tickets for around £6 each. They just send you codes to use online in a message. I paid £28 for 5 tickets and you can use for all premiers and weekends


Meerkat Movies?


Anyone know whats best way to get a good deal for tickets if i need 6 or more


Nice find! :3 @HUBBARDY

England vs Croatia - Watch for FREE on the big screen at Odeon on Wednesday 11th July. Doors will open at 6.30pm.
Refreshed 11th Jul 2018Refreshed 11th Jul 2018LocalLocal
England vs Croatia - Watch for FREE on the big screen at Odeon on Wednesday 11th July. Doors will open at 6.30pm.
Watch the semifinal on Wednesday 11th July. Doors will open at 6.30pm. Escape the heat and join the Three Lions on the Big Screen at ODEON for one of the hottest events of the Su… Read more
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They was actually called over to back up their Gaulic colleagues of the CRS during the celebrations in France instead.Two brown bread and hundreds injured but apparently it's only in England we have serious aggro after such events :o


Only the cinemas showing the games in England.


Were riot police called to any of the venues?


Never mind the songs, it’s coming home!


Not that one the other one but that’s equally as bad but how it’s supposed to motivate a sub standard team losing is beyond me

Free pug mask when you book to see "Patrick" at Odeon cinemas
Found 2nd Jul 2018Found 2nd Jul 2018
Free pug mask when you book to see "Patrick" at Odeon cinemas
It's time to take your best pug shot! To celebrate the release of the new pugtastic film 'Patrick', we're giving away pug face masks to everyone! Exclusively to ODEON, you and you… Read more